4 08, 2021

Client Profile: KW Oktoberfest Brings Good Cheer to Your HAUS

2021-08-05T14:15:27-04:00August 4th, 2021|Client Profile, Fibernetics, NEWT|

Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival has been bringing keg-tapping, keg-rolling, concerts, and parades to Waterloo Region for over fifty years. It’s a staple in our community, reliably delivering Bavarian food, drink, and culture every fall. But behind the scenes, planners of the yearly festival need to be able to hop, pivot, and spin like a

6 03, 2015

NEWT Changes Canadian Telecom again: Introducing NEWT One

2015-03-06T11:42:21-05:00March 6th, 2015|Fibernetics, NEWT, NEWT Business Services|

When the technology and marketing group at Fibernetics got together in 2013 to come up with a new name for Fibernetics Business Services, they were directed to focus on the company's core strengths. Reviewing the business phone solutions, the assorted Internet services and the innovative and unique business model, the solution to the naming problem

17 12, 2014

Why we Donate to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank

2014-12-17T15:13:55-05:00December 17th, 2014|Fibernetics, NEWT|

With 750lbs, lucky the driver had a trolley At this time of year it seems especially important to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Being part of the Cambridge community,  we here at FIbernetics, NEWT's parent company, have an in-house contest to maximize the donation to the Cambridge Self Help Food bank.

3 12, 2014

NEWT's Competitive Advantage: Innovation

2014-12-03T11:40:14-05:00December 3rd, 2014|Fibernetics, NEWT|

Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” That's the same philosophy we share at NEWT. If we're all working toward the common goal of being the most innovative business communications provider in the country. Constantly re-thinking the status quo, NEWT's developers roll out new features to the

23 10, 2014

Three Fibernetics’ Services Make Top 10 VoIP Provider List

2014-10-23T15:10:43-04:00October 23rd, 2014|Fibernetics, NEWT|

We're proud of the Fibernetics network that runs NEWT Business Services, but did you know we have a residential service as well? No? It's top 5 in Canada: Three Fibernetics’ Services Make Top 10 Residential VoIP Provider List Canadians voted on Gonevoip.ca & chose Fibernetics CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(October 23, 2014)- Fibernetics company purpose is to go

9 10, 2014

Channer's Magazine: High Fibre – a Fibernetics profile

2014-10-09T10:53:20-04:00October 9th, 2014|Fibernetics|

Ideas Men: Jody Schnarr (left) and John Stix dove into the telco market and created Fibernetics, an under-the-radar success story. A conversation 20 years ago between two friends about the deregulated phone industry led to the setting up for Fibernetics, a forerunner on Canadian telecommunications. By Tenille Bonogoure - October 2014 It began,

15 07, 2014

We're hiring: Accounting Clerk (More exciting than is sounds)

2014-07-15T10:32:09-04:00July 15th, 2014|Fibernetics|

The Accounting Clerk's morning view "Accounting" & "Clerk": Two words that don't exactly perk up the 'ol excitement meter to 11 now do they? Usually that would be true. But this is a Fibernetics Accounting Clerk position we're talking about here and that means it isn't just a good job, it's an awesome

27 06, 2014

We're hiring: NEWT Technical Support

2014-06-27T10:31:28-04:00June 27th, 2014|Fibernetics, NEWT|

NEWT, the Business Services division of Fibernetics is growing, FAST. To keep up with our growing customer base we need to add to our support team. Support - that is the key word that accounts for our ongoing success. We are a client-first company meaning, besides providing the latest telecom technology at an affordable price, we also

21 05, 2014

We're Hiring: VP of Residential Sales and Marketing

2014-05-21T16:19:03-04:00May 21st, 2014|Fibernetics|

NEWT's sister division is called Worldline, and they are all about servicing Canadian residential customers. The suite of services they provide, like Unlimited High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone packages are the best value in the country. The only problem is, not enough people know Worldline exists. This is why we are looking

15 05, 2014

The NEWT ANA™ Whitepaper has arrived

2014-05-15T16:03:03-04:00May 15th, 2014|Fibernetics, NEWT|

The new reality for business is, network up-time is essential. From voice and e-mail, to video-conferencing, e-commerce and CRM, to the thousands of other business applications that require access both in-office and remotely, companies no longer consider downtime “just part of doing business.” In fact, it’s the exact opposite. When a network is down, telecommuting