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planet-1 PBX Features

Block Inbound Calls

Block specific telephone numbers from calling in to your phone system. A list of ‘blocked’ numbers can be actively managed by the PBX administrator and changed whenever required.

chart-pie-36-1 PBX Features

Call Detailed Records

View Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls, for one or many extensions, for a specified time frame. Available on your PBX interface in near-real time for local and long-distance calls.

find-me-follow-me PBX Features

Find Me Follow Me

More than just simple call forwarding, calls can be routed to multiple numbers simultaneously or in sequence. Wherever you are, the call will be able to find you.

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Attendant/Desktop Console

The NEWT Attendant Console, with its web-based graphical interface, improves call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company.

Automatic Off-Line Forwarding

Incoming calls can be automatically forwarded to another office, cell, home or alternate number in the event that the PBX is offline for any reason.

Enhanced Conference Bridge

Provides an extensive moderator feature set including: listen only, leader role, participant status view, mute/un-mute of participants, and the ability to disconnect any participant on a call.

Voicemail to Email

When callers leave you a voicemail, NEWT can send you an email notification that you have a new message. You can receive voicemails as an email attachment to listen to on a computer or smartphone.

Direct Inward System Access

This feature allows for staff to call the PBX to utilize the companies’ NEWT PBX (and the PBX long distance rates) securely for making long distance calls.

Time of Day Scheduling

Customize Auto Attendant messaging and call-flow based on day of the week and time of day.


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