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PIPEDA/HIPAA Compliant Faxes

Send Faxes Securely with NEWT

NEWT HTTPS Fax is a cost-effective PIPEDA/HIPAA compliant faxing solution. Replace expensive analog fax lines with a reliable and secure internet-based solution. NEWT HTTPS Fax enables the connection of traditional fax machines and multi-function printers and allows them to transmit over HTTPS, which is used to send encrypted data over the Internet.

While there are many analog fax line replacement solutions available on the market, not all are created equal. Many solutions use ATA’s that rely on T.38 protocol which can lead to fax failure due to packet loss, jitter, or PCM clock sync issues. Using HTTPS, NEWT provides you with a reliable, secure, and simple solution for fax.

How it Works

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Virtual Fax

The NEWT Virtual Fax solution offers email-based faxing with each account linked to a unique fax number and customer provided email address(es).

The NEWT Virtual Fax Solution allow you to send Faxes via Email from an authorized email address. You can send the fax to a maximum 5 email addresses at one time.

A NEWT Virtual Fax account can be configured to receive fax transmission reports via email for successful and / or unsuccessful (non-delivery) fax send attempts. Fax transmission reporting can also include the converted fax image or the original fax email. If Successful Fax Notifications are enabled, then a Fax Delivery Successful message will be delivered to the email address that sent the fax.

If Unsuccessful Fax Notifications are enabled, then a Fax Delivery Unsuccessful message will be delivered to the email address that sent the fax. The Error notes will indicate why the fax transmission was unsuccessful.

Inbound faxes are routed to a customer supplied email address that is linked to the fax number assigned to a NEWT Virtual Fax account. Faxes are received via email from via PDF attachment.

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