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AMJ Campbell

“The Fibernetics experience was smooth from the beginning.”

In an effort to reduce our monthly telecom costs, AMJ Campbell started a few years back looking at VolP solutions in the market. We decided on a hosted IP system (not from Fibernetics) that promised great savings and all the features we needed

It was a mess from the day we switched over. It was terrible, we went through 4 months of hell during our busy season.

We made the switch back to traditional copper phone line services and I swore I would never go back to VoIP.

Leonard Malley – AMJ Campbell

IAG Group

“Eighteen months into the project we are still very satisfied with our decision…”

In the spring of 2010 we were evaluating the need for a new phone system and were intrigued at the Fibernetics Proposal due to the savings potential. We also evaluated some larger providers. It was a clear decision that Fibernetics had the technology, design, features and pricing to earn our business.

While some of our locations didn’t even need a new phone system, the overall value proposition made it a simple financial and technological decision to move all eight of our Car Dealership to Fibernetics. The decision has proven the right one as our communication processes have benefited immensely from the change.

Eighteen months into the project we are still very satisfied with our decision, and the levels of service and support we have received from Fibernetics.

Larry Swainman – IAG Group


“I would highly recommend NEWT…”

As the office manager of a busy business, being equipped with a reliable, easy quality phone system is an integral part in how I communicate with our clients and team overall. The frustration we experienced prior to the installation of the Fibernetics Phone System was a daily challenge. I was consistently apologizing to callers for poor call quality and dropped calls. It was a poor VOIP solution that only offered more issues and inconvenient features that made most call experiences frustrating.

Post installation, I can confidently state it is a joy to not have to constantly apologize to clients while experiencing clear call quality sound on every call. The features included with the system also provide great additional assets to our team and business overall without being billed for pay per use fees.

I would highly recommend NEWT™, 5D Computers and Noline Tel as an excellent team of professionals. They have saved us money, seamlessly installed and trained us on an exceptional phone system that I am pleased to work with daily.

Thank you, Fibernetics, 5D Computers and Noline Tel

Connie Ritchie – Lystek

Calculated Design

“The phone system is simple yet highly functional”

Fibernetics Business Services, 50 Computers and No Line Tel created an easy set up and professional installation experience for my company and team. Because we were able to pay for the system outright, it took away the additional monthly burden of having to pay fees for phone sets and pay per use features. Including the long distance, that has shown a consistent trend in savings. In addition it encompassed a total solution for shared costs allowing us to run multiple companies off of one system.

The phone system is simple yet highly functional. The training provided to our team was professional yet personal to each of the business needs between companies. It created great ease for staff to adapt to the changeover.

I would highly recommend this team of professionals the opportunity to offer a tremendous cost savings formula and technology to your business. It’s a reliable, practical solution that works!

Thank you!

Alan Brown – Calculated Design


“The quality of the audio is great and the service is very reliable.”

To Whom it May Concern,

We are very pleased with our Fibernetics Phone system. When we first entertained the idea of IP phones, there was a great deal of apprehension. However, you and your staff were quick to prove that previous imitations with this type of phone system are practically non-existent today. In fact, we have far more flexibility now than ever before. The quality of the audio is great and the service is very reliable. I would definitely recommend the Fibernetics Digital PBX phone system to anyone.

Phil Panchaud – Primespec

FOLIO Instruments Inc.

“… our monthly cell phone bills have reduce from $800.00 to as low as $220.00 per month.”

Fibernetics Business Services

The installation of the Fibernetics Business Phone system has equipped my company with a cost saving solution! A large percentage of our workforce is provided with a smart phone. Combined this with a my fav long distance our monthly cell phone bills have reduce from $800.00 to as low as $220.00 per month. This and the lower phone use costs have reduced our pay back time to 12 months on this investment.

We also saw a cost savings on the added use of the conference bridge. Conventional costs bill per user, bridge and duration of meeting; The Fibernetics Conference Bridge is included with the system for unlimited use in all aspects. This also has allowed us to use the system more often as it is free.

This tool makes communication easy and efficient. Our receptionist can manage a better call experience for our customers with greater visibility and 3 digit dialing to all extensions, including our Montreal office.

I highly recommend the integration of the Fibernetics Phone solution to any business owner! It’s a smart, customer focused, money saving tool that every company would benefit from.

Gordon Howes – FOLIO Instruments Inc.


“Installation was seamless.”

5D Computers, No Line Tel and NEWT™

I highly commend the business and client focused relationship built with the team at SD Computers, No Line Tel Corp and NEWT™. From our initial business meeting install process, software & phone set training and consistent follow up; the experience was hassle free professional and has efficiently equipped my company with a brilliant communication tool and solution for our business needs.

Installation was seamless. The voice and sound quality is clear; I have consistent, easy and direct contact to all my clients without having to be at my office. This system finds and follows ME! We have only begun to tap into its potential; the features are intelligent and cater to customer consideration an integral characteristic a business owner should always consider.

I can confidently recommend SD Computers, No Line Tel Corp and NEWT™. They are a solid and reliable team of professionals and experts in their field.

Jeff Solomon – YourHSA

Brant County Health Unit

“We have found Fibernetics to be a reliable solution with good customer service.”

… Brant County Health Unit has dealt with Fibernetics since 2012, during which time they have provided/managed our organization’s VoIP telephony solution. We have found Fibernetics to be a reliable solution with good customer service.

I can confidently recommend Fibernetics as a reliable supplier, and professionals in their field.

Kathy K – Brant County Health Unit

Power Vac

“We’re now saving about $800 per month…”

We’re now saving about $800 per month and it only took us seven months to pay off the new phone system we received with NEWT. The call quality is consistently high, and the training was excellent, they (NEWT) came in and spent multiple hours with the office to make sure everyone was comfortable with the system.

Darwyn McDowell – Power Vac