NEWT Helps You Make Every Dollar Count


PBX Phone Systems & Business Internet For Non Profit Organizations

 NEWT Helps You Make Every Dollar Count

NEWT understands that non-profit organizations are under more pressure than ever today to make every dollar stretch. That’s why the NEWT PBX solution is designed to cut costs for you wherever possible without compromising the quality of the phone system. The NEWT phone system is designed to fit any budget, by offering the industry’s lowest long-distance rates and eliminating the cost of features like voicemail, conference bridging, and dozens more.

NEWT has saved thousands for non-profit organizations while combining an award-winning support team, creating a cost-effective solution you can rely on. With NEWT you can quit spending unnecessary time with your phone system and start spending more time achieving your organization’s goals.

How A Local Not-For-Profit Saves With NEWT

Common Challenges with Not-for-profit

  • Finding a low cost solution so that funds and donations can be re-allocated to areas in need
  • Seamlessly connect multiple locations to improve collaboration
  • Being able to handle a large volume of incoming calls without sacrificing the personalized experience for current donors as well as potential ones
  • Receiving prompt, helpful support when needed
  • Minimizing long-distance charges

The NEWT Solution

  • When you switch to a NEWT PBX system, you could potentially save up to 80% on your monthly phone bill, giving you the freedom to re-allocate resources to where they’re needed most
  • With NEWT you can unify your locations under one platform, simply dial the 3 or 4 digit extension of the person you wish to call and you’re connected,  making geography irrelevant
  • NEWT offers 90+  innovative features designed to streamline communications for your organization
  • With Advanced Call Routing and Find Me Follow Me , calls can be quickly routed to the correct person or department, reducing the amount of calls put on hold or sent to voicemail which improves customer service
  • NEWT offers an award-winning technical support team that is dedicated to helping you with any questions you might have
  • NEWT lets you stop paying for expensive monthly voice lines
  • Track and report on marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign to determine where resources should be properly allocated
  • Free long-distance calling between locations which lets you save money when you contact another location within your company where long-distance rates apply
  • The Automated Attendant feature offers an easy to use menu system, ensuring each caller is connected with who they want quickly and efficiently, without needing staff to redirect calls
  • With NEWT Direct Inward System Access or DISA, employees can make calls from their mobile phones as if they’re calling from the office. This lowers long-distance costs since NEWT PBX long-distance charges are much lower than any mobile rates
  • NEWT’s Hot Desking allows employees to use any phone in the office but still use their personal extension

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