newtsiptrunchbanner NEWT Changes Canadian Telecom again: Introducing NEWT OneWhen the technology and marketing group at Fibernetics got together in 2013 to come up with a new name for Fibernetics Business Services, they were directed to focus on the company’s core strengths. Reviewing the business phone solutions, the assorted Internet services and the innovative and unique business model, the solution to the naming problem was simple.
FBS, as it was then known, was providing a new way for Canadian businesses to get the latest communication technology and one that would help them reduce their monthly overhead dramatically.
“New” and “Technology” became “NEWT” and a new company name was born.

Introducing NEWT One

Gary-Handelman-300x246 NEWT Changes Canadian Telecom again: Introducing NEWT OneNEWT’s latest innovative product follows the same tradition. Developed by our Creative Technical Director, Gary Handelman, NEWT One was originally called “New Tone” while in project phase. The name is apropos as it delivers a new way to get dial tone to a client’s premise and provide telephony service regardless of their existing technology.

What NEWT One does

NEWT One provides a simple and cost effective way for businesses to migrate to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based voice services, replace their existing basic SIP Trunk service or to convert their legacy phone systems to VoIP. NEWT One provides a connection to the Fibernetics Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) network providing voice access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and other value added services.
newt-pbx-diagram3-1024x332 NEWT Changes Canadian Telecom again: Introducing NEWT One
A SIP service, NEWT One as deployed is voice-bandwidth efficient, being able to carry 24 active calls with less than 700Kbps of access bandwidth. For NEWT One clients this equates to more concurrent PSTN call capacity with greater quality compared to other Canadian providers due to the unique design of the technology and solution. The NEWT One SIP Trunk includes Free Canada Wide Calling where On-net calling is available.*

Bringing Feature-Rich IP Telephony to Businesses Cheaply and Easily

Traditional phone lines are the same technology Alexander Graham Bell came up well over a century ago, and they are limiting for business because they are expensive. NEWT One allows companies to directly connect to the private and end-to-end managed Fibernetics CLEC network eliminating the need for costly phone lines.  NEWT One also provides enhanced dial tone that includes additional features that traditional dial tone does not provide. Organizations with legacy technology can benefit from advanced business telecom features like conference bridge, business continuity failover and auto-attendant.

Simple to install and operate, NEWT One is a plug-and-play way for organizations to upgrade their business communications and it’s all supported by NEWT’s award winning 24/7 customer care.

For more information on NEWT One and what it can do for your business, please visit the NEWT One webpage.

*On-net covers 80 percent of the population and most major cities and surrounding areas in Canada.