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Challenges in Government

To achieve your objectives and stay true to your mission, lines of communication must reliably stay open between co-workers, your agency, and the public. Your systems of communication must:

  • Make is easy to transfer phones to and from multiple sites in a single region
  • Be quick to install and simple to learn
  • Be up and running at all times
  • Allow ease of communication between many different sites
  • Comply with a strict budget without sacrificing the quality of service to the public

The NEWT Solution

We understand the needs of your government agency and we tailor-fit your solution:

  • NEWT Business Phone customizes your perfect mix of in-the-cloud technology and on-premise hardware to keep you connected wherever you go
  • NEWT’s end-to-end solution means you have a single point of contact; we provide on-site professional installation, training focused on your specific business needs, and access to our locally-based, award-winning support team for prompt technical service when you need it
  • NEWT owns and runs its own telecommunications network which increases the privacy of the network and allows for seamless connection between different locations without calls being dropped
  • When paired with our internet solution, NEWT offers the best possible voice quality and call reliability; our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% up-time in our core network 
  • NEWT’s system is fully scalable to grow with your agency; adding or moving a phone is as simple as plugging it in
  • Your phone system can be easily customized with any of the 90+ features you require to increase office efficiency and productivity
  • NEWT’s Automated Attendant connects callers quickly and efficiently, without needing staff to redirect calls
  • The Attendant Console gives administrative staff greater visibility and control of inbound calls to your school; receptionists can now view and transfer calls from their computer screen
  • With DISA Caller ID Enhancement, staff can make calls from their personal phones using the agency’s caller ID, giving them more freedom to communicate outside the office while still protecting their personal information
  • NEWT Voicemail Boxes have unlimited capacity, and can send voicemail as an email to staff
  • The NEWT system comes with an unlimited number of extensions, which gives each staff member their own personal extension
  • Track and report on marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign to determine proper allocation of resources
  • Never miss a call with NEWT’s Find Me Follow Me feature, which routes calls to office, mobile, or home numbers based on time of day, plus NEWT’s Failover system will forward calls to the number of your choice if your phone lines go down for any reason 
  • The Call Recording feature allows you to capture, catalogue, and analyze customer calls for employee training and dispute resolution 
  • Switching to NEWT can save you up to 80% on your monthly telecom bill and includes the industry’s lowest long distance rates

Whatever you need, we have a solution.

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