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NEWT offers a system that’s capable of growing as fast as you are

The agricultural industry is advancing more and more every year with the technology used in production and distribution. NEWT gives you the potential to bring your lines of communication to the same level of sophistication. With NEWT you’ll be getting a reliable solution that will allow you to communicate faster and easier than ever before. The NEWT system is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to choose the features you’d like from the list of 90 features that NEWT offers. NEWT is also a fully managed system, so regardless of the question you may have; NEWT’s award-winning support team will be able to answer it promptly.

Challenges in the Agriculture Industry

  • Trying to learn and become comfortable with a complicated phone system
  • Finding a scalable phone system that doesn’t take an excess amount of time to install
  • Finding a phone system that fits your specific set of needs

The NEWT Solution

  • NEWT provides in-depth training sessions to ensure you’re comfortable with your new NEWT system
  • NEWT’s system is fully scalable, which makes adding or moving a new phone as easy as plugging it in to wherever you’d like and it works instantly
  • With NEWT’s end-to-end solution, you only have a single point of contact, which makes receiving helpful support from our locally-based support team quick and easy
  • NEWT also manufactures the phones, which gives NEWT the freedom to customize your phone system with any particular features you may require
  • Switching to NEWT also gives you the potential to save up to 80% on your monthly phone bill

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