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Challenges in the Agriculture Industry

Technology changes in production and distribution are advancing the agricultural industry more and more every year. You need a system that:

  • Fits your specific set of needs
  • Can keep up with your growth
  • Is quick to install and easy to learn
  • Allows you to communicate quickly and easily
  • Keeps you connected no matter where you are
  • Has a support team ready to answer any questions

The NEWT Solution

We understand the challenges of your agriculture business and will tailor-fit your solution:

  • NEWT Business Phone customizes your perfect mix of in-the-cloud technology and on-premise hardware to keep you connected wherever you go
  • NEWT’s end-to-end solution means you have a single point of contact; we provide on-site professional installation, training focused on your specific business needs, and access to our locally-based, award-winning support team for prompt technical service when you need it
  • When paired with our internet solution, NEWT offers the best possible voice quality and call reliability; our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% up-time in our core network 
  • NEWT’s system is fully scalable to grow with your business; adding or moving a phone is as simple as plugging it in
  • Your phone system can be easily customized with any of the 90+ features you require
  • Switching to NEWT can save you up to 80% on your monthly phone bill and includes the industry’s lowest long distance rates

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