fibernetics-innovation-centre NEWT's Competitive Advantage: InnovationHenry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” That’s the same philosophy we share at NEWT. If we’re all working toward the common goal of being the most innovative business communications provider in the country.
Constantly re-thinking the status quo, NEWT’s developers roll out new features to the NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System on a regular basis. Most recently, the ground breaking NEWT Contact Centre that allows businesses of all sizes to maximize efficiency, improve customer care, increase sales and customer retention.
It’s this kind of innovative thinking that sets NEWT apart from the competition, an over riding desire to provide our clients with the latest and greatest in business communication, flexible financing options that save them up to 80% on their telecom bills, and all supported by our award winning customer care team.
Now we’re stepping it up a notch. We’ve opened up a new facility dedicated to developing the next generation of telecommunication products that will benefit Canadian consumers and businesses.

Introducing the Fibernetics Innovation Centre

On December 1st FIbernetics took possession of a new building in North Waterloo. Calling it the Fibernetics Innovation Centre, it will house the management of Fibernetics Ventures, all our current and future seedlings and will provide possible expansion facilities for the company as a whole.
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