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With the recent advances in technology, client expectations are higher than ever, which means having multiple lines of communications is a must in order to compete in today’s market. Whether it’s by fax, phone, or email, clients expect to be able to get in touch with you wherever and whenever they need to. Luckily NEWT has a solution to not only meet these expectations, but surpass them. The NEWT PBX system is fully compatible with any mobile device, so you’ll never feel out of touch with the office. With NEWT, adding or moving a phone is as simple as ordering the phone and plugging it in where you need it, and it works instantly, saving you time and money on expensive installation fees. With NEWT you get the quality of a high-end phone system at a price made to save you money.

How A Local Consulting Business Saves With NEWT

Common Challenges in the automotive industry

  • Consistently connecting customers to the right department, whether that be the showroom, used car lot, main office or the service department
  • Long delays when an update is required
  • Lost production when trying to learn a new and complex system
  • Keeping overhead costs low
  • Receiving prompt technical support when needed
  • Easily adding or removing phones based on need

The NEWT Solution

  • Calls are transferred over our private network which offers a higher call quality and reduces the chances of a call being dropped
  • Switching to NEWT can save you up to 80% on your monthly telecom bills
  • No more calling “the phone guys” to move a phone and paying expensive labour charges, NEWT phones can simply be unplugged in one area and plugged into another and work instantly
  • The NEWT PBX system comes equipped with a paging feature that supports one or more paging zones with each phone and/or overhead paging
  • NEWT provides rugged phones that are splash and dust proof, ideal for the service shop in your dealership
  • NEWT also offers an Automated Attendant feature with an easy to use menu system, so that each caller reaches the department they’re looking for quickly and efficiently while reducing the call load for your staff
  • The Find Me Follow Me feature goes beyond just simple call forwarding, calls can be routed based on time of day to mobile phones or alternate numbers
  • NEWT Hot Desking feature allows Sales reps to log into any office phone and use their own extension
  • Track and report on marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign to determine where resources should be properly allocated

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Find out how NEWT can help your automotive services business reduce their monthly telecom bills with the NEWT Managed PBX.

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