Maximize The Mobility Of Your Workforce


PBX Phone Systems & Business Internet For Travel Agencies

Maximize The Mobility Of Your Workforce

Keeping lines of communication open has always been a necessity in the travel industry. Therefore you should trust the company that can ensure the highest reliability. When you switch to a NEWT phone system, you’re switching to a network that is owned and operated by NEWT and NEWT only. This ensures you have maximum reliability, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your phone systems will be up and running whenever you need them.

NEWT also offers supreme mobility with every system, giving your agents more freedom than ever to do business when they’re out of the office. So make the switch to NEWT, and switch to a phone system you can count on!

How A Local Travel Business With NEWT

Challenges in the Travel Industry

  • Being able to contact employees when they’re out of the office
  • Always keeping the phone lines up and running so communication with customers is never lost
  • Effectively handling a large volume of calls during peak travel season
  • Ensuring a positive customer experience

The NEWT Solution

  • The NEWT Attendant Console gives your receptionists greater visibility and allows them to better manage a large volume of inbound calls, which is perfect for peak season
  • Track and report on marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign to determine where resources should be properly allocated
  • With NEWT Direct Inward System Access or DISA, employees can make calls from their mobile phones as if they’re calling from the office. This lowers long-distance costs since NEWT PBX long-distance charges are much lower than any mobile rates
  • NEWT’s Find Me Follow Me feature goes beyond simple call forwarding, calls can be setup to be routed to Mobile or Home phone numbers, to ensure critical calls are answered
  • The NEWT PBX solution allows you to assign personalized extensions for all staff, which allows for easy dialing with a 3-4 digit extension instead of a 10-digit number
  • NEWT also offers Automatic Off-Line Forwarding, which allows calls to be routed to an alternate home, cell or office number in the event the phone lines go down. Your customers won’t even know the difference
  • NEWT’s Hot Desking allows employees to use any phone in the office but still use their personal extension
  • The Automated Attendant feature offers an easy to use menu system, ensuring each caller is connected with who they want quickly and efficiently, without needing staff to redirect calls
  • The NEWT Softphone allows employees to work from their home office or on the road as if they would directly from the office with a software-based phone, PBX extension, support, and a full suite of NEWT features.

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