ANA_Cables The NEWT ANA™ Whitepaper has arrivedThe new reality for business is, network up-time is essential. From voice and e-mail, to video-conferencing, e-commerce and CRM, to the thousands of other business applications that require access both in-office and remotely, companies no longer consider downtime “just part
of doing business.”
In fact, it’s the exact opposite. When a network is down, telecommuting employees are effectively locked out of the office, existing customers are turned away and potential customers go elsewhere.
When a network is down, a business is out of business.
NEWT business services not only understands this, we are obsessed with keeping our client’s networks up, running fast, smoothly and without interruption by managing their data on our own privately owned national network. By transiting data on the Fibernetics CLEC infrastructure, NEWT clients avoid the slowdowns, interruptions and inconsistencies of the public Internet. 
For organizations that are looking for an even higher level of reliability, the NEWT ANA™ network solution provides fibre-like speeds at a  fraction of the cost, maximized bandwidth and virtually guaranteeing 100% up-time.
For more on NEWT ANA™, how it works and how it would help improve your business download the Whitepaper HERE.