Stay On Top Of The Competition With NEWT


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Stay On Top Of The Competition With NEWT

Few industries are as dynamic as the insurance industry. Companies are constantly trying to gain a competitive edge by looking for more efficient ways to operate, while still maintaining customer satisfaction. Flexibility and mobility are a must if you want to stay on top in the insurance industry, and NEWT’s solutions can give you the tools to do just that. NEWT’s fully scalable systems are designed to grow as fast as you do, simply order new phones when necessary and they work as soon as you plug them in. With NEWT you can maximize the amount of calls you can handle without sacrificing the customer loyalty that helps your business grow.

Common Challenges in Insurance

  • Minimizing monthly phone charges
  • Effectively handling a large inbound call volume while still providing a personalized service experience
  • Ensuring consistently high call quality from call to call
  • Having a reliable internet connection that’s there when you need it
  • Being able to stay in touch with agents whether they’re in or out of the office

The NEWT Solution

  • Switching to NEWT gives you the chance to save up to 80% on your monthly phone bill
  • Our nearly 100% retention rate speaks to the consistently reliable service you’ll receive when you switch to NEWT
  • NEWT’s Find Me Follow Me feature allows for integration with mobile devices. Calls can be routed to multiple numbers so you don’t have to worry about missing calls when you’re out of the office
  • NEWT’s Conference Bridge allows for any number of callers to dial in and join a teleconference, and with our all new Attendant Console you can enjoy greater visibility of extensions and who is involved in the conference, all through your desktop
  • With the Call Recording feature you can capture, catalogue and then analyze customer calls for employee training as well as any dispute resolution
  • The NEWT Softphone allows employees to work from their home office or on the road as if they would directly from the office with a software-based phone, PBX extension, support, and a full suite of NEWT features.
  • The Automated Attendant feature offers an easy to use menu system, ensuring each caller is connected with who they want quickly and efficiently, without needing staff to redirect calls
  • Track and report on marketing campaigns by assigning a unique phone number to each campaign to determine where resources should be properly allocated

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