The Key To Maximizing Efficiency Starts With NEWT


Business Internet & Warehouse Phone Systems For Manufacturing

The Key to Maximizing Efficiency Starts with NEWT

In the manufacturing industry, efficiency is of the utmost importance regardless of the product being made. That’s why NEWT strives to help your business run as smoothly as it can, whether it’s connecting your factory to multiple locations around the country or simply freeing up space in your office with our compact equipment. The award-winning NEWT business support is available 24/7/365. NEWT’s main goal is for you to stop worrying about your phone system and instead focus on what’s important: your business!

Common Challenges in Manufacturing

  • Seamlessly connecting multiple locations to one another
  • Reduce TOC as well as monthly costs
  • Flexibility to add and remove phones as needed
  • Slow installation that results in lost production
  • Learning and becoming comfortable with a new system

The NEWT Solution

  • NEWT’s Conference Bridge feature allows for any number of callers to join a teleconference, a business can have up to 15 bridges based on its size
  • With NEWT you can save up to 80% on your monthly phone bill by eliminating the cost of business phone lines as well as free features like: voicemail, conference bridging and the attendant console
  • NEWT’s system is fully scalable, simply order a new phone when needed and plug it into your PBX and it works instantly
  • NEWT’s PBX system is compact and easy to relocate if necessary
  • NEWT’s technicians will install your new system quickly and efficiently
  • We’ll even run our system alongside your old system to show you just how much of a difference the NEWT PBX makes
  • The NEWT Paging feature offers support for one or more paging zones with phone and/or overhead paging, with the ability to integrate an existing analog paging system into the NEWT PBX design
  • NEWT provides rugged phones that are splash and dust proof
  • Increase Entrance Security with NEWT, you can now deploy door phones with the ability to remotely unlock from any PBX attached handset

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