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Practicing law requires around the clock availability to clients and the ability to handle day-to-day business tasks even when you’re out of the office. This means your phone system must be able to deliver the reliability and flexibility necessary for success. With the NEWT business phone system you’ll have peace of mind knowing your lines of communication will be open when you need them and you’ll never feel disconnected from the office. Business calls are made over our private network, making NEWT a reliable and low-risk option. NEWT also offers 90 innovative features designed to streamline communications and help your office maximize efficiency, all while giving you the potential to save up to 80% on your monthly phone bill.

Common Challenges In Legal Services

  • Keeping employees connected when they’re out of the office
  • For billing purposes, having an accurate record of inbound and outbound calls
  • High maintenance costs
  • Having a reliable system with no downtime
  • Unifying multiple locations that may be operating under different systems

The NEWT Solution

  • With NEWT Direct Inward System Access or DISA, employees can make calls from their mobile phones as if they’re calling from the office. This lowers long-distance costs since NEWT PBX long-distance charges are much lower than any mobile rates
  • The NEWT Attendant Console, with its web-based graphical interface improves call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company
  • With NEWT Conference Bridges you can host calls with multiple parties where the external parties don’t occupy PBX business voice lines and there is no limit on the number of participants
  • NEWT’s Find Me Follow Me feature goes beyond simple call forwarding, calls can be setup to be routed to Mobile or Home phone numbers, to ensure critical calls are answered
  • NEWT Voicemail Boxes also have unlimited capacity, as well as the ability to send voicemail as an email to employees
  • With the NEWT PBX system, you can assign a unique account number to each call, ideal for billing purposes
  • Enhanced Call Detail Records gives you the ability to pull specific reports based on a specific extension, department or destination. You can also have these reports automatically sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reports can also be automatically sent out to a third party to be sorted for billing purposes
  • With Enhanced CDR you can also have reports made that are based on specific accounts
  • With the Call Recording feature you can capture, catalogue and then analyze customer calls for employee training as well as any dispute resolution

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