27 06, 2023

4 Ways NEWT Improves Your Remote Work Experience

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Remote work: love it or hate it? However you feel about it, some form of remote or hybrid work is here to stay for millions of Canadian workers, which means finding tools to make remote work more enjoyable and productive. NEWT comes loaded with features you can quickly modify to do just that. 1. Established

2 12, 2020

Welcome to our Newest VAR: BSC Solutions Groups Ltd.

2020-12-02T21:14:48-05:00December 2nd, 2020|NEWT, Uncategorized|

Welcome Bill Boisvenue and the entire team at BSC Solutions Group Ltd., NEWT’s newest VAR. We’re excited to have this well-established company partner with us. BSC has a History of Providing Solutions BSC, originally called Brampton Electronics, began as a TV and VCR repair company in 1969. Bill Boisvenue joined the team in 1981 and by 1989 he

10 09, 2020

Can Your Current Business Phone & Communications System Handle The Post-Pandemic Transition Back To Work?

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Reopening Your Business After The Long Break Due To Pandemic; Are You Ready? The global economy has been widely affected during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can no longer afford to remain closed.  Many consumers are still reluctant to emerge and interact freely.  As the economy slowly reopens, the way businesses operate will have to change to accommodate the new

12 01, 2015

VoIP: No longer a four letter word

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If this was, say, 2004 and someone was trying to sell you a VoIP business phone system, their chances were about the same as you buying the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course there were a few suckers early adopters back then, but most avoided it like the plague. Now, almost 90% of all new business phone installations

6 03, 2014

It's National Employee Appreciation Day! Don't Panic!

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What defines a cool corporate culture? In house massages? A foosball table? A kale smoothie bar? How about a slide? None of those hurt of course, especially now that the hipster generation who think every company should be Google are upon us, but by far the most powerful component of a positive corporate culture is

5 03, 2014

Why SIP Trunking is more than a three letter word

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Today's telecommunications industry offers a lot of options, making it hard, unless you are in the industry, to understand what your business needs. But what makes it worse is telco's love of the acronym. No other major industry that I know of abbreviates more so those on the outside trying to look in are plagued

21 02, 2014

SEO for Small Business is a "Must Have"

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It is staggering how business has changed in the 15 short years since Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched their school project named "Google." Prior to 1998, we had to rely on advertising or let our "fingers do the walking" in the Yellow pages to find a product or service we required. Now, 89% of consumers say they use search

12 02, 2014

NEWT mini – The "Goldilocks" business phone system

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We all grew up on "The Three Bears" where this punk little girl named Goldilocks finds a house in the forest, breaks in, and proceeds to steal all the owner's porridge but only eating the one she likes best. Then she tries the furniture and smashes the one she liked the most. Full and exhausted

10 02, 2014

Businesses Should Show Some Love for Valentine's Day

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Another February 14th is here and that means another Valentine's Day has rolled around; that "celebration of love" that sets a guy's budget back a few hundred bucks (at least) in order to avoid the "look". Valentine's Day has taken a bit of a hit of late as it's being portrayed as just another "Hallmark

4 02, 2014

We're Hiring: Do you want to be in Control?

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Want to Join our Team? Fibernetics Corporation is searching for an energized Controller to join our finance team during a period of growth.  Reporting to the VP Finance, the successful candidate will be responsible for complex accounting analyses, reviewing month-end working papers prepared by other members of the finance team, managing cash flows,