Reopening Your Business After The Long Break Due To Pandemic; Are You Ready?

The global economy has been widely affected during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can no longer afford to remain closed.  Many consumers are still reluctant to emerge and interact freely.  As the economy slowly reopens, the way businesses operate will have to change to accommodate the new norm of ‘partial accessibility’. Your survival as a small-medium sized business will depend on your ability to quickly adapt to these changes, and be ready to handle and serve your customers seamlessly both on-site, and remotely.

Remote working and seamless virtual communications are the pillars on which the business community will need to rely on for the foreseeable future. Making optimal use of your existing technology and resources makes good financial sense. However, investing in a fully-functional and reliable business phone system is imperative for a smooth transition for businesses planning on reopening soon.

A fully-managed PBX (Private Branch Exchange) business phone system is the top runner for the current semi-lockdown situation that demands a multi-channel, multi-site work environment.  A hosted PBX system can provide an end-to-end solution for organizations of all sizes to enable seamless communication both on-site and for remote work environments.

Listed below are some key features of a fully-managed business phone system that can support your business during this transition.

erik-mclean-0zxe8y3iVa8-unsplash-scaled Can Your Current Business Phone & Communications System Handle The Post-Pandemic Transition Back To Work?

Manage telephone orders

Curbside pickup has surged in popularity, and became one of the critical ways that businesses that delivered essentials like the restaurants, pharmacies, and local grocery stores, were able to remain open.

We have also seen wide adoption of curbside pickup & delivery options offered by a range of businesses like fashion boutiques and clothing stores, art & craft suppliers, music and book stores, and even home and design stores.

Businesses that did not traditionally worry about managing a high volume of customer calls are now are receiving more calls than ever. A hosted PBX system can provide the support businesses need to handle the additional call volume.

The auto-attendant feature is a self-serve virtual receptionist that can greet callers via a voice-based menu system, screen and transfer them to the right attendees in different locations, or to different departmental queues. This makes the whole process more efficient while substantially reducing the time and cost required to handle higher volumes.

Remote work communication

Many business experts have stated that remote work is the future for many industries. With businesses offering the flexibility of work from home and most businesses moving their work to remote operations at least temporarily, the urgent need is not just for effective communication, but also real collaboration.

The various self-serve features offered by a fully-managed PBX system catering to the remote work culture enable collaboration between remote employees and powers a seamless communication between them, ensuring employee productivity and work-efficiency.   These features include, but are not limited to, sending voicemails to emails, alternate auto-attendant greetings, conference bridges, and the NEWT mobile app that allows staff to take calls anywhere.

A surge in telephone appointments

As the economy slowly reopens post-pandemic, and with more and more customers looking to book appointments for various services, businesses can add new service features easily to meet the surge in appointment requests.

  • Premium calling features can be included to increase call-taking efficiency
  • Call groups can be included to allow incoming calls to ring on multiple extensions
  • Call queue can enhance the dynamic waiting room affair that helps businesses customize the on-hold experience and efficiently manage call volume.

Improved Customer Service

Communicating safety measures is now a top priority for all businesses. A Virtual Receptionist (VR) or the auto-attendant features can easily direct calls to various departments, convey the safety protocol of the organization, and even create in advance customized greetings unique to every department addressing various occasions. Special promotions and frequently asked questions can be added to the on-hold message system.

NEWT Hybrid PBX Solution

A NEWT Hybrid PBX is quick and easy to deploy, and can be set-up remotely from anywhere instantaneously, making it agile and cost-effective. Businesses can scale up easily, set-up any employee in a fully-functional work-environment, and deliver excellent customer service even remotely with minimal effort.

NEWT offers an enterprise-level Business Phone System that gives you the power to drive higher cost-efficiency, optimize your business process, and improve your customer’s experience.

NEWT can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements and provides a superior hybrid mix of both traditional on-premise PBX and hosted PBX while leveraging cloud benefits. The advanced features can increase productivity and help your business succeed through its business phone system solutions.

As the world finds its way back to normalcy, don’t let your current technology limit your growth.