e-bk-easy-readers-04goldilocks-pic3-anim NEWT mini - The "Goldilocks" business phone systemWe all grew up on “The Three Bears” where this punk little girl named Goldilocks finds a house in the forest, breaks in, and proceeds to steal all the owner’s porridge but only eating the one she likes best. Then she tries the furniture and smashes the one she liked the most.
Full and exhausted from all that vandalism, she passes out in the kid’s bed, only to be awoken later by the owners.
Terrified at getting caught, Goldilocks screams, runs around the room and just manages to make her escape. Lucky thing as the Bear family, who were the victims of her crime spree, were not in the least bit amused.
This decidedly strange kid’s story has lead to a business theory named after this juvenile delinquent:
Testing three examples or any item, Goldilocks is able to determine that one of them is always too much in one extreme (too hot or too large), one is too much in the opposite extreme (too cold or too small), and one is “just right”. The “Goldilocks principle” states that something must fall within certain margins, as opposed to reaching extremes. When the effects of the principle are observed, it is known as the “Goldilocks effect.”
We introduced our NEWT Managed PBX business phone system it was designed for medium to enterprise sized business. A robust phone technology, it was designed to provide superior communications services to the majority of Canadian businesses, or so we thought. After being in the marketplace, we recognized that we were actually missing out on most of Canadian businesses.
Research showed us that, of the one million Canadian businesses, 610K have 1 to 4 employees, and another 219K have 5- 9 employees meaning approximately 80% of all Canadian businesses require four lines or less. Last year we introduced the NEWT Business Bundle, for companies that only needed a couple of phone lines. Today we’re introducing NEWT mini that brings big business functionality to organizations that only require four lines.
newt_mini_logo NEWT mini - The "Goldilocks" business phone systemNEWT mini is designed with the same powerful feature set as our full fledged NEWT PBX but is a cost-effective alternative for single and multi-location businesses.
NEWT mini has over 60+ features included and is backed by our same 24/7 business class support. Like its bigger brother, mini runs on Fibernetics CLEC private voice and data network, not over the public internet. A fully managed hosted solution and the latest technology avoids headaches associated with older, less robust PBX systems. This hybrid end-to-end solution makes NEWT mini dependable and scalable, while delivering significant cost savings to a company’s bottom line.
Goldilocks might have been a hooligan first offender, but she was onto something. Products, to be suitable for all consumers, need to be flexible to address their specific needs. In other words, they have to be “just right”.
For companies looking for an enterprise business phone solution for their smaller sized organization, the NEWT mini is just that.
newt_mini_diagram2 NEWT mini - The "Goldilocks" business phone system
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