Welcome Bill Boisvenue and the entire team at BSC Solutions Group Ltd., NEWT’s newest VAR. We’re excited to have this well-established company partner with us.

The-Angel-BSC-Team Welcome to our Newest VAR: BSC Solutions Groups Ltd.

BSC has a History of Providing Solutions

BSC, originally called Brampton Electronics, began as a TV and VCR repair company in 1969. Bill Boisvenue joined the team in 1981 and by 1989 he had become the sole owner and turned the company’s focus to computers.

“It took about five years for us to completely transition from a consumer repair business, to a computer company focusing solely on businesses as our clientele.”

In the early 2000s, BSC began selling computerized phone systems provided by a US-based company. But as the years went by, Bill found they were receiving less and less support from the provider, who was focused on the US marketplace and less interested in backing Canadian partners.

BSC started looking for new phone systems to sell but had a hard time finding one that fit their requirements. Bill says the challenge lies in customers who don’t want to put in a separate internet circuit, a separate firewall, and a separate network switch to segment their traffic. They view the cost as too high and they don’t see the value; instead, they want to purchase a cheap hosted phone system, believing they’re going to save money.

BSC sees things a little differently, and actually refuses to sell hosted phone systems that don’t separate voice and data traffic as they know they’re a safer option that ultimately provide more stability and reliability for their customers. Over time, this means happier customers and a much better system.

After a Five-Year Search, they found NEWT

BSC had some clients who had been running NEWT phone systems for several years. Bill’s interest was piqued when he checked in with his clients and found that they were more than satisfied.

“We knew Fibernetics was fairly local to us, being in Cambridge, and we liked the prospect of dealing with a Canadian company. As we learned more about NEWT’s model, it was clear that it made total sense for us to become a NEWT partner. NEWT provides a hybrid phone system, a little bit on premise and a big part in the cloud, with a dedicated internet circuit that separates the voice traffic from the data traffic. In addition, Fibernetics being a CLEC means that NEWT checks all our boxes. NEWT’s system is exactly what we were looking for.”

BSC Solutions Group and Fibernetics align on Philosophies and Core Values

BSC Solutions Group has a strong family component, being owned and operated by Bill and his wife, and employing their son and Bill’s brother-in-law. Bill appreciates the stability and the sense of family that comes from Fibernetics having been founded by lifelong friends who are also long-term owners. He also saw similarities in the principles and the culture at both companies; trust and finding customer-based solutions are highly valued at BSC and they share those core values with Fibernetics and the NEWT team.

Susanne-and-Bill-Boisvenue Welcome to our Newest VAR: BSC Solutions Groups Ltd.

“Our philosophy has always been to be honest and put the customer first,” says Bill, “and we immediately got the sense that Fibernetics and NEWT share the same philosophy. We met first with Mike Brown and Tracy Fischer and found them to be straightforward, honest, ethical people, which is how we view ourselves. We’re always looking to provide what’s best for our customer, which may not necessarily be what’s best for us. We could always sell a customer more, but in the long run, if that’s not what they need, then that doesn’t help them or us.”

NEWT aligns with that ideology and Bill says he’s found the team to be extremely supportive.

“The entire experience has been collaborative and cooperative and we’re very happy with the results so far.”

The team at Fibernetics and NEWT are looking forward to supporting BSC and their customers for many years to come.