Attendant Console


The NEWT Attendant Console

The NEWT Attendant Console with its web-based graphical interface improves call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company. By adding directory search and click to answer and transfer, it provides new efficiencies over existing hardware-based Reception consoles.

The Attendant Console is the control panel for the NEWT Managed PBX & Polycom handset.

The NEWT Attendant Console was designed for the NEWT Managed PBX system to increase functionality and improve user and customer experience through the addition of innovative new features like a Parked calls dashboard and quick conference feature.

By adding the Attendant Console you can further save on the NEWT Managed PBX solution by reducing hardware while providing enhanced functionality. Enables new capabilities for shared and remote attendant positions providing further cost reductions to an organization.

Newt-Attendant-Console Attendant Console

Features Include

  • Click to answer, transfer or place a call
  • View and manage active calls with full Caller ID
  • View extension status (Available / Busy / Ringing / Call on Hold)
  • Parked call display with click to Park or Retrieve
  • Searchable Directory and Call History with click to dial contacts
  • Visual Voicemail to view, manage and listen to messages
  • Expandable view of up to 92 extensions on a single screen

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