As anonymously but beautifully stated “success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”. Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, is living and breathing this way of life everyday through their President, John Stix.
A recent article titled The Value of Happiness in the Workplace written by expert career consultant, Patricia Polischuk, outlines how John is not only teaching but motivating others within the business world. The article describes the sad truth about workplace culture; many leaders discuss its importance but do not act in a way which reinforces their verbal beliefs. “Unfortunately, the term ‘lip service’ comes to mind time and time again…Mission and value statements are mounted on the wall but ask employees if they feel their leaders live by those words and you will hear a resounding no.”
However, it has become evident to many that John embodies his beliefs, so much that his passion oozes out of him when working towards creating the best possible culture for the employees at Fibernetics.
Although extremely inspirational, John’s story was not straightforward and easy. The Fibernetics of today is one full of positive evolution, success and growth. However, this was not always the way, there were times of struggle for Fibernetics in the past, and this is what sparked the entrepreneurial mind of John. He knew that Fibernetics needed a change, yet he understood that impacting an entire organization would be a difficult task. Fast forward to the present, and Fibernetics is one of the fastest-growing companies filled with talented, creative and happy employees. The “I’m In!” mantra now resonates throughout the business and a new set of core values have helped take the employees and the company as a whole to new heights.
Patricia Polischuk explains the value within John’s culture presentations, as he not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Other HR leaders had this to say about John:
It was wonderful to see a business owner impassioned by meeting the emotional, spiritual, and social needs of his team.  It is rare to see this with such incredible energy and focus.  And it is paying off in so many ways! By putting your people first, they in turn will put their customers first.  This is a commitment to making people’s work lives truly fulfilling”.

John has continued to present the value of culture across Canada to large audiences and continues to work towards spreading his message to the masses.
You can read the full article written by Patricia Polischuk here.

Learn more about John Stix by visiting his website, and find out more about the Fibernetics culture here.

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