newt_beyond_telecom-300x127 What "Beyond Telecom" means to us and to our clientsWhy NEWT?
Beyond the cutting-edge technology in business communications supported 24/7 and running on its own private national data network, why should businesses looking for a new phone system or network consider Newt?
It comes down to two words: Beyond Telecom  
Beyond Telecom isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s our operating principle. It represents our mission to not just be another telecom and Internet service provider, but rather, a company that is focused solely on the needs of those who are using our products and services. One that is constantly asking, “What can we do today to make us better tomorrow?”
We don’t consider the thousands of businesses who use NEWT to be our customers; rather they are our partners. As they rely on us for the backbone of their business, their ability to communicate, we rely on them to help us improve our business phone system, its feature set and our suite of data products.

    • Beyond Telecom means our products and services enable our partners to go about their business in the most efficient, cost effective manner.
    • It means helping them with streamlining processes, and enabling performance management.
    • It means providing custom packages and financing options that are tailored to each individual need.
    • It means not just having a scalable solution, but one that empowers customers to grow without having to manage their business communications as they do.

NEWT is in the business of going Beyond Telecom.