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How did we do? We want to make sure you are happy! From the delivery of equipment to the installation and setup of your new business phone system.

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Was all equipment delivered on time as scheduled? *
Did your voice circuit get installed and connected as scheduled? *
Did your Internet service get installed and connected as scheduled? *
Did your installer arrive on time? *
Was our installer courteous, professional, and polite during the entire process? *


Did all required phones get installed and connected? *
Did all critical equipment get plugged into an UPS (battery backup)? *

Please note: NEWT is not responsible for power related hardware failure if an UPS is not used. 

Did you experience any down time that was a concern? *


Were admin staff trained in the Configuration Facility to manage the phone system? *
Were staff, including reception, trained to manage inbound calls, and set up speed dials? *
Were staff trained on the day-to-day process to use their phones? (Hold/Park/Transfer calls) *
Was setting up Voicemail and the Voicemail-to-Email reviewed and completed? *
Were you satisfied with the training? *
Did you receive quick start guides, and reference material? *
Were call flows reviewed and the Auto Attendant(s) setup and recorded? *
Did the installer explain “Offline Numbers” and what happens in the event of a disaster recovery during a power outage or circuit failure? *
Yes, the NEWT installation was completed to my satisfaction. *

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