Retailers need a cost-effective, always-on voice system that is easy-to-implement.small-business-owner-NEWT-300x200 Using LTE Wireless Connectivity for Backup Disaster Recovery

Most small businesses, including restaurants and retail stores, depend on a reliable voice system to keep their business moving forward. However, unlike the corporate offices that rely heavily on business communications services for all their business operations, retail establishment have counted on their brick-and-mortar stores to drive sales and serve their customers.

The current pandemic environment has changed this perspective completely. The need for dependable voice communications has grown consistently across all business types. Retail has widely adopted over-the-phone or online ordering, combined with curb-side delivery and pick-up options, as a way to continue delivering services to their clients and survive this unprecedented social-distancing marketplace.

Do you really need a backup with today’s tech advancements and IT Support system in place? 

The most important action you can take is implementing prevention for lost productivity due to network downtime.

With so many critical operations now being handled by voice networks, even a short-term loss of communications and cloud-connected services may cost your business thousands of dollars in revenue and lost productivity. You wouldn’t want to risk the financial health of your business, right?

NEWT’s Hybrid Business Phone System with the new LTE Backup ensures continuous business communications at all times. NEWT’s automated recovery of voice services addresses the breakdown in the connection by keeping the PBX voice services online in case of a primary voice path failure. So, you never have to worry about losing a client because of downtime.

How does the LTE backup system work?

NEWT’s LTE backup uses a NEWT-managed router at the owner’s site to intelligently move traffic from a NEWT circuit to the NEWT wireless LTE service in the event of a loss of WAN connectivity.

When the primary internet connection goes down, the existing connection seamlessly switches to the LTE backup connection. This enables your phones, computers, POS terminals, and more, to automatically reconnect within seconds.

NEWT-LTE-design-1024x387 Using LTE Wireless Connectivity for Backup Disaster Recovery

NEWT’s LTE Backup supports the failover for voice only. Both Primary and Secondary circuits are continuously monitored for connectivity in 5-second increments and automatically switch traffic to the secondary LTE connection upon primary circuit failure. 

NEWT’s LTE Backup requires a NEWT Managed PBX solution, with NEW-provided land-based circuit. The primary circuit can be voice-dedicated or deployed in support of shared internet and voice services. 

Stay connected with automatic LTE failover for voice and optimize your business. 

Why does your business need LTE Wireless Connectivity? 

A disaster is unpredictable, and a network outage usually takes longer than expected to recover. In the event of any natural or man-made disaster, NEWT’s LTE Backup service can keep your business up and running. 

    Seamless Connectivity: NEWT’s LTE Backup recovery solution connects offices and all devices easily with pre-integrated routers and 4G LTE connectivity. With a backup service ready, in the event of a network outage, it offers uninterrupted operations and seamless connectivity. 

    Wireless Coverage: Pairing non-wireless access with a redundant wireless access option is ideal, as this provides access type diversity versus having multiple land-based options that could fail at the same time. Leverage this wireless technology as your primary internet connection for exchanging voice data with remote sites. 

  Easy to use: NEWT’s LTE Backup service is always up and running and also provides network outage notifications. It has a simple network configuration; just set it and forget it. 

  Business Continuity: NEWT’s LTE Wireless backup connectivity is perfect for disaster recovery. It ensures your business is always connected and reduces operational downtime and revenue loss, meaning high productivity and profitability. 

As more and more businesses are moving to cloud-based technology services, there is a need for a reliable and efficient system that minimizes downtime. As an SMB, your business might be using various technology products like Hosted VoIP, Adobe products, Financial accounting systems, CRM, a network of printers and computers. Therefore, your business must have a solid business continuity plan. Keep your employees efficient and your customers happy with uninterrupted services. 

Leverage this affordable plan by NEWT and save your business from incurring huge expenses and downtime in the event of voice system failure.

Get your peace of mind by helping your business stay connected with this effective solution. To learn more about our product, contact us by calling 1-888-996-6398 to speak to an expert.

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