You’re sitting in your office, your mind is being bombarded with ideas on how to grow your business or advance within your current organization. Twirling a pen continuously back in forth in your hand, just waiting for that one “right” moment to unconsciously develop and appear within your psyche. It is true that our intuition is important, but that “gut-feeling” can only guide us so far. There comes a time when everyone needs a little push in the right direction. For that, NEWT is here to help with our Twitter for Business campaign.

Twitter, one of the rulers of social media, is a platform which allows various individuals to connect with friends, family, idols and even brands. NEWT, the business sector of the ever growing parent company Fibernetics, has decided to create a campaign which focuses on offering advice and solutions to daily business problems that entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes may face. A combination of business insight and in-depth research offered through NEWT’s Twitter for Business campaign can help inspire one’s next business related action. This campaign offers the opportunity to engage, connect and communicate with online users regarding specific corporate matters.

Users will see business related tweets along with the hashtag (#) business tips or Canadian business. The business tips (#businesstips) tweets will focus on providing advice and ideas for helping an organization improve things like operations, productivity, and workplace culture to aid a company in its quest to grow within its respective market. Canadian business (#Canadianbusiness) tweets will focus on providing information that can help various institutions develop along with information relating to statistics and events occurring within the Canadian marketplace.
Everyone needs assistance from time to time, even Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Mobile, is an advocate for receiving advice. “You will need advice on how to improve your business, beginning on the first day, and throughout the rest of your career.”
The Twitter for Business campaign sponsored by NEWT can offer basic guidelines to help business owners and employees visualize a new business opportunity or possibly even spark a fresh, innovative idea.
For your daily dose #BusinessTips and #CanadianBusiness tweets, follow NEWT on Twitter @newt4business.