newt_beyond_telecom-300x127 The Woeller Group benefits from NEWT trainingTraining is an essential part of the entire NEWT package, because as simple as the system is to install, manage and use, the extensive feature set can be daunting for new users. Once a system is installed, the training doesn’t stop there as new features are always being introduced, and new employees require education as well.
Lesley Forbes is one of our in-house training specialists and she holds regular webinar training sessions for NEWT clients, and also hits the road for remote training sessions as well.
The Woeller Group distributes wholesale upholstery fabrics and leathers, wall-coverings custom furniture and decorative lighting to the interior design and architectural industry. A mainstay in the Canadian upholstery textile industry since the 1920’s, Jon Woeller now heads the family business and he and his staff had a recent training session to get everyone “up to speed” on the latest and greatest from the NEWT Managed PBX business phone system.
We really appreciate his feedback.

Woeller_Group The Woeller Group benefits from NEWT training
January 16, 2014
Lesley Forbes
Newt training
Cambridge, ON

Dear Lesley:

It has been over 2 years now that we have been using the [NEWT] PBX phone system and we are very pleased. There have been only a few minor issues with call quality and hardware, but in each instance, the issue has been corrected quickly and efficiently by people who obviously care about us as a customer. It’s refreshing to finally experience high quality customer service from a telephone company.

One of the concerns we had before switching from our conventional phone system to the PBX was the learning curve involved. We are all creatures of habit and change can be intimidating. This is where you stepped in and made the process comfortable for us. We were provided instructional information prior to the training session that allowed us to learn some basics and compile a list of questions before your arrival. When you arrived, you greeted us with a very warm, friendly approach that left us with a positive lasting impression of you.

The session you conducted was well executed and we were impressed with your working knowledge of the system. You were very organized taking us through all of the features as a group and then again separately to insure we had a good understanding and were comfortable using the system. Our session lasted about 3 hours but you assured us you would stay as long as it took. In addition to the training, you helped us record an auto attendant message, established ring patterns, created a conference bridge and reviewed the back end console. We were fully functioning by the time you left the office that day.

Since our initial training, we have required your service on a few occasions. Each time you have been prompt to respond and always follow up to make sure our needs have been met. We enjoy working with you and value your service. Wishing you all the best with your business in the future!

Jon Woeller
Woeller Group

P.O. BOX 666 KITCHENER ON CANADA N2G 4B8 TEL: 877 963-5537 FAX : 877 963-9955

If you are interested in taking part in one of Lesley’s twice weekly online training sessions please register here.