qa-graphic2 Some Lesser Known Features of the NEWT Managed PBXThis week our in-house trainer Lesley Forbes held a drop-in Webinar Session for NEWT Managed PBX business phone system clients, answering any questions they may have on their phone system.
Beyond the usual FAQ’s, the following three jumped out at Leslie because they don’t come up too often.

Question #1 : Client has two business telephone numbers under different business names. Only one receptionist for both businesses. When she dials out is there a way that the individual business number can appear so she can differentiate to the person she dials ?

Answer – By using the dial prefix drop down box within the telephone number tab you can select via the drop down box a dial prefix number that can be used when dialing out. When dialing out use the prefix number the number associated with the option you selected and saved.

Question #2 : Can you adjust the ring tone to be different for transferred calls vs incoming calls on an extension?

Answer – By adjusting the ring type on a handset and changing the incoming ring tone on a phone number via the phone number tab in the Configuration Facility; it will allow the caller the option to differentiate the type of call that is coming to their handset. Transferred calls will ring according to the handset setting vs incoming direct calls will ring according to the phone number setting

Question # 3: what is the difference between the YES setting vs COMPRESSED setting in the voicemail to email option in an extension page?

Answer–  “COMPRESSED” delivers a smaller sized wavefile which may interfere with the sound quality of the message. The “YES” option will deliver the wavefile in its original size and should not impact the sound quality of the message.

Having over 60 features on the NEWT Managed PBX means knowing them all, and taking advantage of what’s there is an ongoing process. That’s precisely what Lesley’s training sessions are all about.
If you are interested in taking part in one of Lesley’s twice weekly training sessions please register here.
Also, if you have a question you need answered, during the seminar Lesley also will field any “HOT TOPIC” questions our clients would like addressed in the workshop. If you have any questions, please send them to by noon the day before the session.