Currently, I’m multi-tasking, the left-side of my brain is being engaged through work tasks, however, the right-side of my brain is also stimulated as I am prepping with my team-mates for the upcoming Fibernetics Car Rally. Sounds like an event you’d be attending on the weekend right? Well think again, because at Fibernetics every day is a new adventure.

Car-Rally-300x225 Redefining Workplace Culture

Contestants gather and await the start of the first ever Fibernetics Car Rally.

From birthday celebrations to company hosted BBQ events, Fibernetics strives to enhance and build a positive, engaging workplace culture. This is why Fibernetics was recognized by Deloitte as a finalist for Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2014. At Fibernetics, it’s not about getting “through” the work day, rather, it’s about being passionate about what you do. When this occurs, you look forward to overcoming the challenges and achieving both personal and organizational goals.
John Stix, co-founder and President of Fibernectics, has worked tirelessly to create a workplace culture where the employees are encouraged to unleash their personal desires. On my first day, I stepped into the office only to see the walls painted with various bright, inviting colours, almost as if to represent the numerous types of characteristics and personalities of the employees all blended into one successful team. I continued my tour of the office and was surprised when I saw the lunch room filled with personalized employee art and inspirational words on a large beautifully designed chalk board, it was at that moment that I understood the importance of workplace culture. A positive, thriving work environment can trigger something miraculous within employees, something which I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing internally, a view which all business owners should strive to witness.
The procedure of developing culture and the results which all can reap were summed up by John, “we believe, Jody and I both, that there are much more important things than money on earth. We believe in living passionately and we believe in investing in people to be passionate because we have a simple philosophy: if you are your true work self and you are doing what you are supposed to do, that leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity, and productivity inevitably leads to results. One of those results is money. It is a cycle.”
Together the Worldline division, the residential brand of Fibernetics, and NEWT, the business sector of the company, have cultivated and collaborated together to make Fibernetics one of the largest telecommunications companies within Canada. Our culture is always passed on to our customers. Worldline strives to establish personalized, trusting bonds with their consumers while NEWT constantly works towards ensuring positive, professional relationships are created with various brands and businesses.
Searching for a flexible position, need vacation time to visit family or friends, attempting to be challenged in a creative work environment, or aiming to be a part of more than just a business? Fibernetics ensures the answers to all of these questions meet the needs of each employee, and truthfully, this is just scratching the surface. This is one of the many reasons why our talented employees are remaining with the company and new gifted individuals are constantly trying to become a part of the Fibernetics family.
You can take my word for it or you can learn more about the Fibernetics Culture here. Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that Fibernetics is truly one of a kind.

Im-in Redefining Workplace Culture