NEWT-Press-Release Press Release Stix Achor Form Partnership

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Jordan Brock Partner at Shawn’s company Good Think Inc. said, “I deal with Fortune 100 leaders on a daily basis and most are bought in theoretically to the importance of corporate culture and happiness. John, however, not only lives and breathes corporate culture; he puts it into practice on a daily basis at Fibernetics. We are so excited to work with John spreading the science of happiness to companies worldwide!”

As only 13% of workers worldwide feel engaged while on the job, their combined mission is vital. That staggering statistic is behind John’s focus on transforming the company he co-founded, Fibernetics, to become one focused on teamwork, mutual respect and inclusiveness.

Celebrated public speaker Shawn Achor & Canada’s John Stix are looking forward to sharing their message with a broader national audience.

Introduced in mid-2014, his award winning “I’m In!” culture Initiative enabled Fibernetics employees to take a more proactive approach to their work, with a focus on maximizing customer care and the highest levels of service. The results speak for themselves as Fibernetics, one of Canada’s fastest growing telecoms, has posted record month-over-month sales in its residential, business and wholesale divisions.

Inspired by the transformation, John spent most of 2015 talking to business leaders about how an enabling culture is a competitive advantage because customers want to deal with happy people and top talent are seeking to work in positive environments. Instead of trying to find top talent, top talent finds you!

Now backed by Shawn Achor, John is taking his passionate mission to a broader Canadian audience. As John says,

“There is culture at every enterprise, every business. And I believe when you deeply care and empower people and allow them to be their true selves that it translates to passion. That passion leads to happiness. That happiness leads to productivity and productivity leads to results.”

“Considering the impact Shawn has had, either through his appearances with Oprah, his television series of PBS, his bestselling books or speaking engagements, to be aligned with him and to work with him to help spread our shared message is one of the greatest honours of my life.”

“Business leaders can learn so much from Shawn and his Happiness Advantage. I suggest they pick up a copy before they read anything else.”

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About Shawn Achor:
After spending 12 years at Harvard University, Shawn Achor has become one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His research on the happiness mindset made the cover of Harvard Business Review, his TED talk is one of the most popular of all time with over 11 million views, and millions have seen his lecture airing on PBS. Shawn has lectured or worked with over a third of the Fortune 100 companies, as well as the NFL, the NBA, the Pentagon and the White House. Shawn is the author of New York Times best-selling books The Happiness Advantage (2010) and Before Happiness (2013). He has now lectured in more than 50 countries speaking to CEOs in China, doctors in Dubai, schoolchildren in South Africa, and farmers in Zimbabwe. His Happiness Advantage training is one of the largest and most successful positive psychology corporate training programs in the world. Shawn’s research has been published in the top psychology journal for work he did at UBS in partnership with Yale University to transform how stress impacts the body, and he was recently featured on OWN’s Emmy Award-winning “Super Soul Sunday” where he spoke with Oprah about his mission to bring positive psychology to the world.

About Fibernetics:
Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Fibernetics goes “Beyond Telecom” by providing superior products and services at the fairest prices to the Canadian market place with a singular focus on customer service in everything they do. Selected as a regional finalist in the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program for 2014, Fibernetics has its own national infrastructure that delivers a full range of voice and data services for residential customers through Worldline and for business clients with the NEWT Business Phone System and Business Internet. Website: Twitter: @fibernetics

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