hosted-pbx Possible cheap flying soon for the Canada skies
Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee. Quick Hazel, hide the Tarot Cards and dismiss the mystic lady with her magic globe with fake snow floating around. Finally there’s a reason for optimism. The planes….the planes…..are coming to the Canadian marketplace. You won’t recognize the names, but you’ll surely love the prices. It’s a bank robbery without wearing a mask or even entering a bank.
WestJet and Air Canada have launched a subsidiary serving smaller locations in Western Canada. Since WestJet’s Encore already has a handful of those sleek-looking Bombardier Q400 jets they will soon be heading out to destinations where Air Canada doesn’t provide service like Ft. St. John, Nanaimo, BC, along with Saskatoon for starters. So how does an air fare up to 50 percent lower than any other carrier sound to you?
Not to be left out in the cold, Toronto’s Porter Airlines is also loading up with wheelbarrows full of new jets and new destinations come 2016. Yep, Porter Air will no longer be a “regional” player in the game of flight, but a national one. And like WestJet, Porter is promising to “cut-the-cards” even deeper in terms of steep price reductions. Yes folks, it may seem like a dream, but once all the T’s and I’s have been dotted and crossed, it’ll be nothing but blue skies and green lights. Plus with professionally hosted PBX at the helm, you’ll be in good hands. And if your leg room gets a bit cramped, just consider the savings.