Moving to another location can present many hassles and obstacles. When relocating to a nearby location, many would assume that maintaining your current contact number wouldn’t be an issue. However, the Pickering Soccer Club learned that you can never take anything for granted in today’s day and age. Cliff Schmitt, the manager of the facilities within the club, explained the problem: “we were actually moving only 2km down the road, but weren’t allowed to keep our old number, unless we paid a fee, which caused us to start looking into what other providers could offer”.
After searching through various options, the Pickering Soccer Club found Fibernetics and their business services division NEWT, a provider that would allow them to keep their old number without charging any extra. It was important to Schmitt to have a phone system that could help enhance the efficiency of the organization because managing incoming calls was a major priority during the outdoor season. “We get thousands of calls a month, and even though the club is only open for 35 hours a week, the facilities are open much longer than that, so people being reachable after-hours is a necessity”. NEWT was able to help through their fully managed PBX system and features like Find Me Follow Me, a feature which ensures that incoming calls to an office phone are automatically routed to an alternate number, either a mobile or home phone. This allows the employees to take important calls while maintaining their privacy because the call is registered as being made to an office number to the caller, rather than an employee’s personal cell or home phone number.
When getting used to a new piece of technological equipment, questions can arise. However, Schmitt was able to have all of his questions quickly and effectively answered by the NEWT technical support team. “The support I’ve received from NEWT is just excellent overall. I actually watched one of your webinars the other day that gave me a prompt solution to a concern I had”. The Pickering Soccer Club relies on various forms of technology to help it succeed yet, according to Schmitt “of all the technology solutions we have, NEWT by far works the best out of all of them”.
The NEWT Business Phone System has aided the Pickering Soccer Club in their quest to efficiently manage their busy influx of calls and daily tasks. Schmitt and the entire organization has been extremely satisfied with NEWT’s products and services, and when asked if he’d recommend NEWT to any other businesses, his reply was short and sweet: “absolutely, it’s too good not to tell people”.
Pickering-soccer-club-1-1024x665 Pickering Soccer Club Scores with NEWT