Is the pandemic exposing weaknesses in your business phone system?

A member of our NEWT Team recently pulled his bike out of storage and decided it needed a tune-up before riding. Normally he would just wheel his bike a few blocks and through the open door of the local repair shop alongside all the other neighbourhood cyclists. But, because of the pandemic, he wasn’t sure if he needed an appointment or if the shop was even open. So, he looked up the phone number and gave them a call. Not surprisingly, the line was busy. And it was busy for hours. He finally got through and spoke to the owner who admitted that until now he had only ever needed one phone line and it barely ever rang. Now he spends most of his day on the phone answering questions about business hours and COVID safety measures.

Sound familiar? If so, NEWT can help.

NEWT has solutions for businesses of all sizes.

During normal times of operation, phone systems are indispensable to companies for team collaboration and external customer service and sales calls. But during the pandemic, business phone systems and the features they offer have become even more essential. Over the past year, we’ve heard from a lot of businesses, large and small, about the problems they’ve been experiencing during the pandemic. With over 90 business phone features, NEWT’s Managed PBX offers an abundance of customizable solutions:

Most of my time on the phone is spent answering the same questions about hours of operation and how to place orders for curb-side pickup.

Solution: Auto-attendant features: Auto-attendant allows you to record customized greetings alerting customers to altered business hours. These features also allow customers access to direct extension dialing, employee name search and special department transfer. With NEWT PBX, you can implement one or several auto attendants to centralize the reception for multiple business locations that may or may not be geographically dispersed. Auto-attendant greetings can also be scheduled to be dependent on the time of day and day of the week. 

Most of my business in the past has come from walk-ins. But during the lockdowns, I have a lot of customers calling my business. With only one phone line, they usually hear a busy signal instead of being able to get through.

Solution: Rapid increase of line capacity: We can quickly increase line capacity for your business within a matter of minutes.

My employees who are working from home don’t want to make long-distance calls to our customers.

Solution: Direct Inward System Access (DISA): DISA allows your staff to securely call the NEWT PBX and use your company’s phone system to place their calls. The NEWT PBX long-distance rates can reduce or eliminate long distance charges. Plus, your company’s caller ID will be displayed to customers, rather than your employees’ personal numbers.

My employees can’t come into the office during lockdown to check their business phone messages.

Solutions: Remote Voicemail Access and Voicemail to Email: Remote Voicemail Access allows users to dial in to manage voicemail greetings, or retrieve voicemail messages remotely. Voicemail to Email sends voicemails to a specific email address with an audio attachment. This allows you to listen to your business voicemail on different devices, such as your computer or smartphone.

My employees are working from home and they don’t all have the same quality internet as we have at the office.

Solution: Home Internet: We can supply home internet for your employees with the same grade of service and quality that you get at your office.

business-woman-work-from-home-on-computer-during-l-JLEPNPS-1024x683 NEWT's Business Phone Features Provide Business Continuity Solutions During the Pandemic

Provide your work-from-home employees with business grade internet, and a phone system which allows them to make long-distance calls through the business phone with the business Caller ID

During lockdowns, I can’t be at my office to receive calls from customers. I don’t want them calling my home number.

Solutions: NEWT Mobile and Find Me, Follow Me: NEWT Mobile (available for iPhone and Android) extends your office to your mobile device, allowing for secure encrypted calling via Wi-Fi or cellular data networks (3G/4G/LTE). The NEWT Mobile app lets you send and receive business calls using your business Caller ID, enabling you to hide your mobile phone number. NEWT Mobile does not require a subscription to a mobile service provider. Find Me, Follow Me allows you to route inbound calls to multiple numbers, either simultaneously or in sequence. Your Call Flow can be set up to forward to employees on their personal phones (cell phone or landline). Wherever you are, your customers can always find you.

I have a business with multiple offices across Canada. Some are closed due to lockdowns, but some are open. I don’t want customers calling a closed office and not getting the answers they need right away.

Solution: Office Redirection: If one of your offices is not available to take customer phone calls, we can quickly move all of your incoming calls to another location of your choosing so that customers will always reach the office that is open.

Whatever your business is struggling with during the pandemic, we have solutions to empower your business for success. NEWT’s Managed PBX features can be customized to keep you and your team efficient and productive, while providing seamless service to your customers, even while working from home. Contact us today at 1-888-996-6398.