Lesley NEWT Training: User Friendliness Delivered“User friendliness” is as buzzy a phrase as there is in tech these days.
While NEWT is a technology company, and we strive to make every product and service we sell as intuitive as possible, let’s face it, not everyone has the same level of tech savviness.
Some, in fact, have none. If you hand them an iPad, they’ll look at you like you just handed them a haddock. For those people, and others of various degrees of tech-impairment, coming to work and finding a new phone set up on their desk is not the best way to start off their day.
That’s where our NEWT training team comes in. Part of our Product Development group, our trainers strive to make the NEWT Business Phone System as user friendly as possible, straight out of the box.
Then, once installed, they really get to work. Teaching clients how to make the most out of their new business communication tool, they work hand in hand with our customers taking them from basic call functionality through the advanced features. Seminars are available for all new users, with our trainers available to answer any or all questions they may have.
The training doesn’t stop there. NEWT has over 80 enterprise calling and communication features, and getting a handle on all of them straight away, we know, is a big ask. That’s why we offer ongoing training with a series of webinars available to all NEWT clients to ensure they are up to speed with the latest feature upgrades, or even a refresher on more basic functionality.
They’re really great at it, and are a big part of NEWT’s continued success. That’s why we love to post letters like the one below acknowledging their contribution to making the NEWT business phone system a premier choice for businesses in Canada.

To whom it may concern –

The training session by Lesley Ann Forbes was very professional.  She walked use through the phone both on the admin and user side and she made what is a very complicated system seem far less intimidating.  As well, we felt that after she left that Fibernetics w/b a partner with us as we learn and adopt the system.  More to that point, I received several comments from the management team about Lesley commenting on the quality of her training on the system.

If I had to make a recommendation, it w/b nice to break the training into two parts.  Maybe the first one is a walk through of the system at a high level.  The second one w/b an in depth training and maybe even implementation of some of the features.

To conclude, we benefited greatly from our time with Lesley and look forward to using the system.

newt_mini_ad2 NEWT Training: User Friendliness DeliveredLesley, and the rest of the training team, deserve a lot of credit for the work they do, because as great as the NEWT Business Phone system is on paper, it’s only truly great  if our clients are enjoying all of its benefits.
For more on what NEWT and NEWT training can do for you and your business, please drop by the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (888) 996-6398.