At this time of year, companies organize food drives and hold Secret Santa parties all to embrace the spirit of the season. That carries over to all their business communications as well, adding season’s greetings to invoices, announcements, their web presence, where ever they think there should be a touch of the Ho, Ho, Ho. That includes their phone system as well, with a customized greeting wishing everyone the very best.
Earlier this year NEWT introduced a new Holiday Auto Attendant Configuration feature upgrade allowing for easy Holiday Greeting operation. And we took it a bit further allowing for multiple automated attendant greetings (up to 99) to be recorded and enabled to play on pre-determined dates.
That means on one session, the NEWT administrator can set the entire year all in one go. Or they can change, edit, add, or remove any greeting at any time.
Perhaps the coolest part of this feature is it was another of NEWT’s free upgrades that our customers enjoy. At NEWT the great system you buy today, only gets better with time. NEWT customers can access all our training videos from the resource tab on the NEWT Business Services website.