DanielSwatsky-300x74 NEWT Helps Accounting Firm Get More Done With LessWhen Dan Sawatsky first started his own accounting firm over 15 years ago, Daniel S. Sawatsky Professional Corporation, he had just 2 people working alongside him. Now that his number of staff has more than doubled, Dan credits a number of things that helped his company grow into what it is today. “Our mission is totally focused on the clients . . . to be as efficient as possible, to save as much tax as possible, and we need to have a total team effort and system in place”. But he also credits his NEWT Business Phone System with helping him and his firm handle the increasing workload they’ve taken on in the last five to seven years. As Dan explains, “we’ve had the same number of staff but virtually 30% more clientele . . . Fibernetics is a big part of that”.
One of the reasons the NEWT Business Phone System has been able to help Dan and his employees be more productive has to do with the extensive feature set the NEWT PBX offers. When asked about which feature he finds most important to him, Dan is quick to mention Voicemail to Email, “we can be out of the office, getting a message . . . listening to the message and forwarding it to someone to take care of it”. This feature also aligns with the firm’s core values, “it comes back to what our mission is with taking care of the client, it just helped us and insisted us to do a better job”.
The NEWT Business Phone System also enabled the Daniel S. Sawatsky Professional Corporation to eliminate their need for multiple business phone lines, which resulted in savings of hundreds of dollars each month. The switch to a NEWT Business Phone System has also provided his firm with a consistently high call quality, “we’ve had zero complaints of, [clients] not hearing us or breaking out or anything like that, it’s been seamless”.

NEWT Eliminates the Need for Business Phone Lines

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