multi-location Business As Usual: Multiple Locations & the Remote Workforce
It is the reality that many businesses are facing. The idea of a centralized head office is fast going the way of the day-timer, Dictaphones and the three martini lunch.
More so than ever, an organizations’ workforce is spread across territories, provinces, countries and continents. Despite those distances, being able to contact, collaborate and communicate with co-workers and customers instantly isn’t a “nice to have.” It’s how business is done. The “just a sec, she’s away from his desk. I’ll see where she’s at” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Multiple Locations

From a couple of locations across town or dozens or hundreds spread out across the country, the only way to ensure maximized efficiency and performance is to have seamless and unified communication. Productivity, customer service and the bottom line are all impacted by how well people can work together. Today’s technology has not only enabled the possibility of collaborating across distances, it’s designed to make the experience ultimately cost-effective and efficient.


Then there are the road warriors and the pajama set. Staff working from home or out in the field are a business reality. Whether its a about flexibility or to reduce office overhead, organizations require communications to be “just like they’re at the office”, even when they aren’t.
That’s why making a decision on a business telephone system is so crucial to a company’s ongoing operations, plus its future as well. If a company is expanding elsewhere having different phone systems puts a strain on support, training and the IT department. Plus, having multiple carriers means having multiple vendors and monthly invoices to pay. From a branding perspective, having calls handled differently from various locations causes customer confusion, and an appearance of unprofessional-ism.

NEWT Managed PBX: The ideal multi-location solution

The NEWT business phone system is uniquely advantageous for businesses with multiple locations. NEWT allows for businesses to connect from location to location over a secure, federally regulated Fibernetics CLEC network by simply dialing a 3 digit extension number instead of a 10 digit phone number.
The need for multiple, expensive phone lines is eliminated as NEWT uses a propitiatory hybrid VoIP system. For example, when using a NEWT business phone system, a company with an office in Kitchener can call their office in Montreal cost free. Businesses with multiple location can also expand their local calling footprint. That same office in Kitchener can call a client in Montreal with no long distance charges – and they clients can return the call with no additional charges as well.
The NEWT business phone system also provides built in redundancy for businesses with multiple locations. Call routing is managed in the NEWT core network, so in the rare occurrence there is a local power outage at one location of the business, the calls can be automatically forwarded to an location that still has power.
Expanded service hours: For businesses with locations across the country calls can be handled early in the east and later in the west, effectively making them appear to be always “open.”
newt_pbx_polycom_phone-300x244 Business As Usual: Multiple Locations & the Remote WorkforceNEWT’s desktop console and mobile access provides visibility for staff regardless of where they are, and they are afforded the same 3-digit dialing and free calling from home, or from their hotel.
Business is evolving away from centralized operations to multiple locations, service outlets and a remote workforce. The maintain an optimized communication environment for modern day work forces, NEWT is the perfect business solution.
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