LMlogo07 NEWT Business Solution: The Insurance Phone SystemAlthough Lackner McLennan Insurance ltd. has been operating since 1946, they are still constantly looking for ways to maximize productivity, an attitude that has served them well in nearly 60 years as an insurance brokerage. David Stark, CEO and one of five Managing Partners at Lackner McLennan, describes the team at LMI as one where “everyone is committed to getting the job done, and to work together to get the job done”. In order to be consistent with their core values, LMI needed a phone system that would promote collaboration, which ultimately led them to the NEWT Business Phone System.
Before switching to NEWT, Lackner McLennan was using an old system that was providing more headaches than benefits, as it required constant maintenance that was costing them both time and money. David describes the system as “dying a slow, painful death” when speaking about the increasing problems they were experiencing. Now, after switching to NEWT, Lackner McLennan has enjoyed first-class business support without the costly maintenance fees.

Building the Perfect Insurance Phone System

But where NEWT has had the largest impact is in how day-to-day activities are completed for both David and his employees, which lies in the innovative features the NEWT Managed PBX offers. Because of the extensive feature set NEWT has to offer, organizations can custom design how their business communications work allowing Lackner McLennan to have the perfect Insurance phone system. When asked which feature he can’t live without, David quickly responds with, “voicemail to email, I tell you that’s second to none”, “the fact that the email can ricochet to my Blackberry is awesome”. David also mentioned the ease at which the nationwide Fibernetics CLEC network that the NEWT system runs on allows Lackner McLennan to hold conference calls with associates calling from across the country. “Yesterday we were dealing with our accountants and tech support that was calling from Vancouver . . . they called me and I could easily bring in two other people as well”.
Lackner McLennan has been a customer of NEWT for nearly seven years, and when David was asked about his overall opinion of NEWT and the NEWT Managed PBX, his reply was simple but telling, “it’s good quality, a good system, and saves you a couple bucks along the way”.