Darwin-300x150 NEWT Business Phone System: It's "Evolutionary"

Darwin would have loved NEWT

Most tech manufacturers live by the term, “revolutionary.” They insist their products are going to change everything, instantly, and for better (obviously). But how many products and devices introduced in the last ten years truly deserve that moniker?
Okay, the iPhone. Sure. The iPad? There were tablets before. The… okay, I can’t really think of another one right now, but few have really shaken things up to the point where they change the world. (Or have everyone else scrambling to copy them).
At NEWT we knew putting our energy and creativity in introducing a truly revolutionary business phone system wouldn’t be the best use of our talents. Instead we designed a platform upon which we can build, improve and add onto over time. In other words, our NEWT Managed PBX evolves with our customers’ changing business conditions and requirements.
Here’s an example. We surveyed our customers a few months back and they told us they wanted a feature allowing them to have automated Holiday messages. In response to the need, we built the Holiday Auto Attendant in our development facilities at our headquarters in Cambridge, and on Tuesday, July 15th, we pushed that new upgrade to all of our customers business phone systems.
The NEWT Managed PBX harnesses the power of the cloud, allowing new license-free, (only 15% or our features require a license), features and upgrades to be added to the already packed 80-plus feature set automatically, with no customer involvement, and at no additional charge.
Over the past 18 months NEWT has added over 20 features to the NEWT PBX platform and all our customers had to do was learn how to use them. NEWT makes that easy too by the way. We provided detailed documentation and training videos on all our new features, and of course all are supported by our 24/7 technical service team.
Embracing the evolutionary approach for development and deployment also prevents the “iPhone buyers remorse” phenomenon, where, as soon as you get to play with your new cool tech toy, they come out with a newer better one. (Hate that!)
For NEWT customers, regardless of how long they’ve been with us, they will have the latest and greatest and always will going forward.
NEWT_BlogAd NEWT Business Phone System: It's "Evolutionary"The phone system they have today, will be better next month, and the month after that, as long as we keep come up with new and innovative improvements that make our customers’ business processes better. (Which we plan to do by the way).
It’s great to shoot for the moon all at once and try to start a revolution. But evolving over time has worked pretty well for some time now.
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