cropped-newttw2 NEWT™ All in One Voice Solution Saves Businesses up to 80%CAMBRIDGE, Ontario–()–In Canada, an average of 130,000 new businesses start up each year. For businesses the decision of which voice technology to use is a key budget priority. Telecommunications including: Internet, voice and mobile services are the single most important element to getting a business off the ground. Fibernetics™, a Cambridge based Telecommunications Company has proven to be invaluable for more than 1,000 businesses across Canada by providing affordable and reliable voice solutions. Fibernetics’™ new business voice solution brand NEWT™ saves the average business up to 50 to 80 per cent on their monthly telecommunications service. For small businesses, this cost saving is substantial, while medium to larger businesses can realize even greater savings.

“The NEWT™ brand offers our clients a flawless voice solution”

“The NEWT™ brand offers our clients a flawless voice solution,” explains Chris Lehman, Vice President of Business Services for Fibernetics™. “We are a one stop solution – the network provider, phone line provider, and we developed the NEWT™ Managed PBX Platform. By choosing NEWT™ customers are choosing a company that has the network, built the solution, and provides the integration, installation, training and support – there is no other offering like this on the market.”
Exclusive to the business voice solutions market, NEWT™ eliminates the cost of multiple business lines and replaces them with a single dedicated voice connection, or a high bandwidth, high availability, multi-use voice and data connection with a completely private path for the voice. Fibernetics™ also provides many other data and Internet options for business. Added to this is live support, provided 24 hours a day, everyday throughout the year. Clients also benefit from the “No Interruption Guarantee”, because the Fibernetics ™ team does not need to disable a clients’ current phone system when migrating to NEWT ™. Furthermore, the system includes unlimited conference bridging, voicemail, voicemail to email, call recording, and mobile integration in addition to more than 50 other features purpose built to improve communications for businesses of all sizes.
“The best part of our offering is that we include everything. There are no hidden charges or up sells. Our customers have saved significantly using NEWT™,” explains John Stix, CMO of Fibernetics™. “A recent case study of Discount Car and Truck Rental’s head offices proves NEWT™ to be an asset to day-to-day operations with savings of more than $2,000 on a monthly phone bill and double Internet speed following installation.”
“We’ve realized a saving of over $2,000 per month since switching to NEWT™. We were most impressed that the Fibernetics™ team makes sure everything was taken care of, our staff was fully trained prior to switching, and we had no interruption of our business lines when we made the switch,” comments Al Nanji, Vice-President of Discount Car and Truck Rentals.
Competing service providers use Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s), often over connections that they do not manage, and which are susceptible to the reliability of the Internet. In contrast, NEWT™ uses the Fibernetics™ CLEC privately managed network. Providing even more security than a VPN over the public Internet, the system manages the voice traffic from the regular public telephone network to the customer premise and vice versa.
“NEWT™ lived up to all of its promises. We have reduced our costs significantly, and are in the process of adding other locations across the country to this system,” adds Leonard Malley, AMJ Campbell.
About Fibernetics –
Over the last ten years, Fibernetics has emerged as one of Canada’s fastest growing and largest telecommunications companies. Fibernetics’ rapid success has been leveraged by a marriage of established legacy systems with emerging Internet protocol based technologies and underpinned by the unique experience of Fibernetics’ founders and management team, as pioneers of VoIP communications in Canada. Fibernetics is an operating Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) regulated by the CRTC, which has direct connectivity into the heart of the incumbents’ fiber optic networks across Canada.
Fibernetics owns one of Canada’s largest coast-to-coast networks and supports over 300,000 customers daily. Fibernetics has over 200 employees globally with its head office in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and two international offices located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. Fibernetics under its residential Worldline brand has enjoyed incredible growth serves a very dedicated following. Worldline delivers Canada’s most inexpensive residential home phone, Internet and long distance services and never stops looking for innovative solutions to deliver value for Canadian families.
Fibernetics Business Services has developed a proprietary digital PBX system, NEWT™, which eliminates the cost of business phone lines for Canadian businesses of all sizes. This phone system is easily integrated into a business network and once installed delivers full PBX functionality normally associated with much more expensive systems. The PBX system is directly connected to the Fibernetics CLEC network, which provides scalability, reliability and quality of service. Currently, Fibernetics services over 25,000 business extensions in Canada and has recently launched a new brand for this product and service called NEWT™.