Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-3.21.18-PM-300x171 For NEWT, 2014 Was a Great Year2014 is behind us, and in many respects it was a sea change year from NEWT Business Services both as a company and as a product and service provider for Canadian organizations.
In short, it was a great year.
More and more organizations came to recognize the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology, the convenience our feature set adds to everyday business – and opportunity to save that NEWT business services and products provides.
From small Ma & Pa type organizations to enterprise operations, NEWT enabled businesses to optimize their business communications, streamline their operations and save a ton of money off their monthly overhead. That’s why we exceeded sales projections for all four quarters,and had set a series of monthly sales records. Here’s some of what was new in 2014:

New Features in 2014

DerekSalisbury-300x156 For NEWT, 2014 Was a Great YearLate in 2014 we introduced the NEWT Contact Centre, a turn key cloud based call centre that enables our NEWT clients to boost sales, improve customer retention and improve overall customer experience.
We added a number of new of other new features last year, like the Holiday Auto Attendant Configuration allowing for multiple automated attendant greetings to be recorded and enabled to play on pre-determined dates throughout the year. We added Enhanced Call Park Line Keys providing visibility via the handset for up to 4 Parked Calls. The Whitelist Feature allows specific external numbers or internal extensions to ring through to specific extension numbers while blocking all others.

New Products in 2014

newt_mini_ad2 For NEWT, 2014 Was a Great YearIn March we introduced the NEWT Mini Managed PBX Phone System  – designed with the same powerful feature set as our NEWT PBX for medium and enterprise business, however tailored for smaller organizations that required only 4 phone lines and limited extensions.

New Service Areas in 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-08-15-at-9.36.42-AM-300x191 For NEWT, 2014 Was a Great YearNEWT introduced a series of new service areas in 2014, including Huntsville and the Muskoka region, Lindsay and Orangeville Ontario. We opened up a sales office in Montreal and in October it was announced that NEWT’s parent company acquired Calgary’s first Internet Service Provider, Nucleus Information Service Inc.
Expanding to Western Canada without having to sacrifice our commitment to exemplary customer service, Nucleus provides access to Fibernetics suite of products and services, principally NEWT Business Services to all of Alberta and other western provinces.
All combined these added products, features and services allowed us to take a big step towards our ultimate goal, to be the goto business communications company.
…and 2015 is looking even better. Stay tuned for major announcements coming soon.