nerd_hug National IT Day: Have you hugged a nerd today?Today is National IT Day and around here, that is as serious a holiday, up there with say, Festivus.
It’s because Fibernetics, the parent company for NEWT is pretty much dripping with IT people. Our CEO? Jody Schnarr probably made the first ever VoIP phone call in Canadian history. That’s like King of the Nerds material right there! Naturally the rest of the company follows his lead so wherever you turn, be it operations, finance, marketing, there’s serious nerd content happening all over the place.
Which is exactly as it should be as we are an Internet Service Provider; the nerd’s natural habitat.
With Information technology taking over the business world in the last 30 years, the IT professional, almost ubiquitously known as “nerds”, have seen their profile dramatically changed. Prior to the IT revolution, the pocket protector set were a target for open scorn and ridicule – see Marty McFly’s famous father.
But then came the Steve Wozniac-set and everything changed. Suddenly the socially awkward but psycho-smart tech-savvy types became the cool guys, because they were the ones changing the world, while those on the outside could just look on in wonder.
This change in status continues today as IT professionals are being poached by other departments in most businesses, but mostly to what once was the coolest of the cool silos, marketing. It’s the battle between the CIO and the CMO, and in what truly is the revenge of the nerds, with marketing evolving into principally a digital world, IT guys are the new must-haves. Creative types are now almost completely dependent upon IT pros. And if an IT guy or girl is the creative type as well? Well, they can practically write their own ticket.
So – today is National IT day. Give one a hug, because even though you might not know it, they’re ruling your world right now.
Here’s just some of ours: