EricMorelli-300x225 My Life as an Intern at NEWT by Eric MorelliMy name is Eric Morelli, and I have just finished my second year of study at Wilfrid Laurier University. I am in the Business Administration program as well as the Laurier Business Co-op program. I grew up in Burlington, Ontario, but was born in Windsor, where my parents were both journalists for the local newspaper. It was a Sports Marketing class that I took at Notre Dame Secondary School that first sparked my interest in the field of marketing and I have been interested in it ever since. I am also a member of the Laurier Varsity Football team, and am constantly trying to balance my time during the school year between football and school.
My position here at NEWT, the business division of Fibernetics, is Junior Marketer. Coming into this co-op work term, I was expecting to do mostly simple tasks with maybe some minor involvement working on some bigger projects, but nothing too important. I have now worked here for almost a month and half, and I can honestly say my expectations could not have been farther off. From the beginning I was receiving tasks that once finished, could potentially have a large impact on our business. From performing industry and competitive analyses, to writing, designing, and even doing the voice-over for a video to be used to recruit new partners, I feel like I’ve gained more experience in a month and a half than I expected to gain over an entire summer. I am given the freedom to not only handle projects on my own, but to take an idea that I may have and run with it. I also genuinely feel like I am making a contribution to the success of NEWT with each task and project that I contribute to and complete, which is extremely rewarding.
But without a doubt the aspect of this work term that I am most appreciative of, is that I have been treated just like a regular employee. Now I know this may sound odd to some, but I have heard more than my fair share of stories of interns like myself being given the most tedious and lowest of tasks. The culture here at Fibernetics is one of inclusion, where no one is ever made to feel lower than someone else. People here really understand that it takes all parts, however important or unimportant, to have success. I mean, how many interns can say the CMO has taken them out and bought them lunch?
When I look back on my career, I know my time here at NEWT will have played a pivotal role in its development for multiple reasons. The variety of tasks I’ve been given will not only look great on paper, but will serve me well in any workplace I am in going forward. Working here at NEWT has also had a profound effect on the kind of person I want to be as a business professional. I’d like to model myself after many of the people I work with here at NEWT, as someone who is hard-working and determined to succeed, but also enjoys what they do and isn’t afraid to have fun with fellow employees.
To be honest, I feel almost spoiled with all the great experience I’ve gotten and the people I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with here at NEWT and Fibernetics, because I feel like the next job I have doesn’t stand much of a chance when comparing it to my time here. Overall anyone who as a chance to work here shouldn’t hesitate to do so, they should just jump in and embrace the culture of happiness that NEWT and Fibernetics have successfully created.

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Marketing Interns Brendan Mann and Eric Morelli