Recent research has shown that worldwide growth in VoIP services revenue is expected to grow through 2018, peaking at $88 billion.
Although purely hosted VoIP systems offer various advantages, the NEWT Business Phone Systems, combines the best of both worlds, by merging the on premise and hosted phone system, into the hybrid solution. The hybrid solution, also known as Digital Voice, is a service provided by NEWT, the business division of the parent company Fibernetics, which connects a business’ communication through Fibernetics own private network. Fibernetics is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), which is why they can provide businesses such a high quality and secure connection. However, purely hosted solutions use the public internet to function, leading to usage, security and even data speed issues.
The technological advancements of Digital Voice are helping many businesses succeed, however, many face the difficult decision of switching to this kind of system or maintaining the status quo.
So, why have all these businesses decided to use Digital Voice technology? It has become evident that using a hybrid solution can save one immense money, however, a recent article in VoIP News, identified five other advantages that this type of phone system provides to companies. The Digital Voice solution provided through NEWT’s fully managed PBX contains all of these benefits, and truthfully, this is just scratching the surface.
Let’s take a look at some of these favourable factors:

  • A Digital Voice telecom system can advance your business by giving you a local presence. What this means is that businesses can request specific phone numbers in new areas to develop your brand locally within selected regions both nationally and globally.
  • Business individuals are constantly on-the-go, and Digital Voice allows your business to have complete mobility. This is because your location is associated with an IP address rather than an actual physical location allowing you to take your business with you wherever you go.
  • Any business knows that dealing with incoming calls can be a difficult task. Organizing your calls is easily attained when using a Digital Voice system. Call routing can be setup and ensure that calls are directed to the right person within the company, ultimately helping to save time and increasing the efficiency of the business.
  • Any purchase requires maintenance to ensure its quality remains, however, traditional phone systems are expensive and difficult to maintain. Digital Voice telecom systems are less complex and they remove this unwanted burden by using the internet to function, eliminating the need for actual physical telephone lines.
  • The best part of the Digital Voice system is that it gives companies the opportunity to take advantage of multiple productivity enhancing features like call detailed records, call recording, find me follow me, voicemail to e-mail and many others.

Although the advancement of communication technology is beneficial, not all the systems have the same functionality. Just like when you purchase a car, certain cars provide more bang for your buck compared to other options, the same goes for phone systems. The NEWT Business Phone System provides all of the advantages discussed above, as well as many more advanced features, excellent customer service, and a cost-effective product that will allow your company to focus on business matters while the NEWT PBX takes care of various communication tasks.
Learn more about the NEWT Business Phone System and its features here or for more information please call 1-888-996-6398.
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