Building your business often means starting from scratch and long hours spent at the office. Startups and small businesses typically have no IT department to set up software and phone systems. Luckily, entrepreneurs have access to a multitude of tools that can help provide large business-style services.
Here are four ways to make your small business look more prominent and impress potential customers while you grow.

Quality Website

Before you start promoting your business, you should ensure that you have a quality website set up. Before your customers visit your location, they will conduct some research and make assessments based on your online presence. One of the best ways to make a great impression on potential customers is through a professional website. Tools like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and more make it easy to create a professional website at an affordable price.

Professional Email Address

Another simple way to impress potential customers is through a professional email address. Some small businesses make the mistake of using personal email addresses that end with or instead of an email on their business’s website domain. Google’s G Suite is designed for workplaces and starts at $5 per month. G Suite makes it easy and affordable to have a professional email address on your own business’s domain.

Dedicated Phone Numbers

Like having a business email address, having a dedicated phone number for your business is another way to make you look professional and big. Having a dedicated phone number means sharing your number without having to share your personal number.

Professional Phone System

NEWT-mobile-group-cellphones-300x224 Make Your Small Business Look BigDid you know that the way you answer the phone could help or hurt your business? It’s probably not a surprise that the way you address your customers over the phone is the backbone of a successful business. Some small businesses use their cell phone to answer calls, but if you’re a local business with local perspectives, chances are your potential customers will know the difference between a cell phone number and a landline.
Luckily, the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System is a reliable, affordable solution for any business. NEWT offers an on-premise Managed PBX, low operating costs and over 80 business features.
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