Lake-Country-300x128 Why VARs like Lake Country are Rockin' ItNEWT is fast being recognized as Canada’s leading provider of business telecommunications services, and for a number of very good reasons. Beyond our innovative propitiatory technology and unparalleled feature set, plus the fact that we save organizations a ton on their monthly bills, who’s really driving the NEWT train… are a whole bunch of other folks.
They are our business partners representing us and our products out there on the front lines. They are our Value Added Re-sellers or VARs.
We are working with dozens of VARs across the country, from big cities to small town, helping them to rescue companies from their old, outdated and expensive legacy phone systems – and one of our top partners is Lake Country Office Solutions.
Lake Country is a small diversified company located in the paradise that is Orillia, Ontario and they offer a full range of office products from copiers to office furniture – and of course NEWT’s internet and business phone solutions.

LC-300x183 Why VARs like Lake Country are Rockin' It

Dianne Lumley, Peter Borutski, Adam Borutski & Vita Rubino

Started in 2002 with just 3 people, their target market were local Orillia businesses looking to improve their processes, increase efficiency and their office environment. Over the years they developed a loyal customer base due to dedication, attention to detail, quality products, and friendliness and support.
Surviving and thriving in business in a small town depends on that level of service. Orillia has a population of just over 30,000 which means, quite literally, there are no secrets to be kept.  If there is a problem, everybody gets to know about it, fast.
Five years ago Lake Country partnered with, what was then, an emerging Canadian Telco called Fibernetics  and their business services division, (since re-branded to NEWT). They began offering our full range of Business Internet and Phone System Solutions. Just as NEWT is an all-in-one voice and data solution, Lake Country became its own one-stop shop for Business office products.
It was a perfect match because Lake Country’s reliance on quality products and customer service mirrors our own, and we’ve both been growing because of that ever since.
Now with 15 employees, (and still growing), Lake Country services all of central Ontario by sticking to their roots by embracing the latest and greatest technology, while maintaining the primary objective of customer satisfaction.  
There are dozens of companies working with us, who just like Lake Country, are enjoying the benefits of having a high quality line of products and services to sell, all with the focus on the end user, our mutual customers. Because it’s working so well we are always looking for more “Lake Country’s” to help us grow even faster.
If that sounds like your company, we welcome you to contact Jeff Donaldson, our VAR channel manager, to see if we could be a good fit.