John Stix, the President of Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, spoke at the #IMPACT15 conference and dazzled the audience with his speech. John discussed his experience and knowledge within the field of workplace culture and how a positive work environment can help guide an organization to greater success.
John continued to share his expertise within the culture field through the IMA Leader Podcast Series which was hosted by Dominick Sirianni, Vice President Interactive Education Internet Marketing Association.
The IMA is an internet marketing group that is continuing to grow rapidly, and it offers knowledge and insight from a wide range of business leaders.
During the IMA Podcast, John explains his involvement within culture and the importance of its presence within any corporation.

You can read the full article and listen to part one of the IMA Podcast featuring John HERE.

IMA_LeaderSeriesPt1 John Stix IMA Leader Podcast breaks new ground on Workplace Culture