Happiness is a feeling people urge to feel, yet, for many people it is a difficult thing to find at their workplace. Astonishingly, only 13% of workers worldwide feel engaged while on the job. Further research has shown that twice as many individuals are dissatisfied with their jobs compared to those that are happy and engaged.
Positive Psychology researcher and speaker, Shawn Achor, and the President of Fibernetics, John Stix, are two dedicated and passionate individuals that have formed a strategic partnership to accomplish one sole mission: raise the awareness of the positive impact of workplace happiness and help organizations to create a more engaging and satisfying experience for employees.
The award winning ā€œIā€™m In!ā€ culture initiative introduced by John Stix has shown his desire to encourage positivity at work and how happy, passionate employees are more productive and effective ones.
This partnership is very exciting and John Stix, with the help of Shawn Achor, author of Before Happiness, can continue to spread his message about the importance of workplace culture to a broader audience.
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stix-achor John Stix forms exciting partnership in Canada with Shawn Achor