We have the best customers. Seriously, we do. From big names like Culligan, Bullfrog Power and Discount Car & Truck Rental, to smaller businesses like Gallagher’s Bar and Lounge they all have one thing in common; they are huge fans of the NEWT products and can’t wait to spout off about them.
So much so that our number one source of new business is the result of their word-of-mouth referrals. Our customers love to spread the word about NEWT to their associates, vendors and friends because they know how much time, effort and money having a NEWT Managed PBX or NEWT ANA saves them.
It’s both really flattering, and really great for our business. And because of that, we’ve decided to give something back to everyone who has helped us grow by introducing the NEWT Referral Program.

newt_referral_program2 It Pays to Get the NEWT Word "Out There"

For each new customer that we add, we are now giving them a brand new snappy, flashy, plasticy $100 bill to whoever provided the referral.
It’s our way of saying thanks! Now go out for lunch (or whatever) on us.
We’re not limiting it to our existing customers either. Anyone can refer a business to us, and they receive their own $100.00 as well.
It’s super easy. Simply submit a referral for a business you think will benefit from a NEWT product, (and frankly, that’s pretty much every business), and a NEWT Business Services Professional will contact your referral to setup an appointment.  Once they’re signed up, you get the cash. It’s that simple.
Know a business that is dropping its calls? Has an antiquated phone system? Needs better Internet access? Then you know a business that needs NEWT.
Check out our new NEWT referral program HERE.