Culture is essential within any workplace. Happy and satisfied employees are usually more productive and efficient. Although research has statistics to back this up, not too many individuals have experienced the first-hand power that a change in culture can bring to the workplace like Fibernetics President, John Stix.
John’s passion about his employees oozes out of him on a daily basis, and his actions have made a significant impact. These drastic, yet positive, changes have not gone unnoticed, which is why Canadian Business magazine has developed the Happy Office Project. Their aim is to attain a positive work environment and they have begun to analyze the depths of employee satisfaction through Fibernectics Ventures’ Plasticity Labs App.
To read the full article outlining the details of the Happy Office Project or to learn about the advantageous culture implemented by John Stix, please visit Fibernetics.

 fibernetics-core-values2-300x235 The Impact of the Fibernetics Culture Being Noticed