Choosing How to pick a new business phone system providerNEWT has a dedicated team of sales professionals who work with prospective clients to educate them on making the best purchase decision they possible can. What gives the process a jump start is if the client has a working knowledge of phone systems – and their particular industry’s needs. They don’t have to be full-on telecom experts, rather just have a working knowledge of what they require.

Why Choosing the Right System Is an Important Decision

Making educated choices when purchasing business equipment is important for every company’s bottom line. But beyond that, their phone system is the backbone of their organization. Upgrading from an antiquated under-performing system is a best business practice. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need to take every advantage they can find. Today’s feature rich systems provide a wealth of tools that improve efficiency and allow for organizations to be more nimble. A company’s business phone system remains the principal access point for its customers so purchasing a phone system that isn’t suitable can lead to lost business and an unhappy staff.

The Provider is as Important as the System

Selecting the right company to purchase a phone system from is as important as the choice of system. Price is always a factor, but going the cheapest route might look good to a boss when presenting a business case, but going that direction tends to lead to long-term problems. Remember, if a phone system goes down, for most businesses that means they are out of business. Customer service and training must be a priority for the provider.
Next, determine who does what to make the phone system work. Many company’s will sell a phone system to businesses who have little to do with how the thing works other than selling.
What network does it run on? Who manages the hardware? How IT intensive it is? Who handles technical support? All of these questions need to be asked and answered because if the phone system goes down, it’s essential the business knows who is going to fix it.

Features are the Future

Each industry has different needs. A transport company’s perfect phone system feature set won’t work for a lawyers office. When selecting a phone system, first determine what features are best for a particular business. Research is available for many verticals  and vendors should be able to provide information on organizations similar enough to help narrow down the appropriate feature set.
Today’s work environments are also changing. Static office presence is fast becoming a thing of the past with the workforce becoming more mobile, or working remotely. A phone system’s feature set must be capable of reaching staff where ever they are, and at any time, and not costing an arm and a leg in long distance to do it.

Plan For Growth

Where is a business is today isn’t where it will be tomorrow. Most have plans for growth, adding on new employees to handle new business, or opening up new locations. Buying a phone system that will work only for a business of a certain size will lead to unnecessary down-the-road expenses. The phone system purchased to day should be able to scale for tomorrow.
NEWT_RMA How to pick a new business phone system providerFirst and foremost, phone systems just need to work, but beyond that they need to work with businesses to improve processes, reduce costs and  provide seamless high quality voice communications between your employees and for customers, and a little education goes a long way.
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